Simple and Elegant: The New and Improved Render Modes!

The anticipation is growing, and we`re less than one month away: pCon.planner 7.3 is on the starting blocks – ready and waiting to hit the ground running with a plethora of new features and functions. To help the waiting time pass more quickly until the release, we’d like to give you a small sneak peak of what the new version has to offer and introduce one of the many new features to come.

Presentation is in the settings

For anyone creating plans in pCon.planner, there are several different render modes to choose from. Whether wireframe, concept or realistic, each workspace can be assigned a render mode at your discretion. With pCon.planner 7.3, we’ve done a bit of spring cleaning, taking a look at what was needed, and improving existing modes. So, what exactly can you get out of the “new yet somehow familiar” modes? Take a look below.

Previously, the mode Colored consisted of lines, colors and textures that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Soon, when you select Colored, rooms and furniture will be displayed in color and with sharp edges. Instead of the previously visible textures or multicolored materials, corresponding color values will now be shown. But without talking too much shop – the result is a simple and elegant representation of your plan. Take a look for yourself…

Another tip for everyday use: Creating print outs or PDFs in flat colors is often more pleasant to look at than restless textures. In these cases, we would particularly recommend working with the new Colored Mode. Plus, they are resolution independent.

And if you´re still looking for a bit more…
You still have the chance to display lines, colors and textures, just choose the Textured Mode. That way, the brick wall in your plan will still look better than ever.
All in all, pCon.planner 7.3 offers seven available display modes. When that’s not enough, you can create your own render styles. For this, there are endless possibilities – your imagination is the limit!

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