The New Year has begun and many New Year’s resolutions have crept their way into the calendar – make time for some sports, spend more time with the family, keep your room looking clean and organized. While the first two are something you’ll have to go at alone, we can definitly help when it comes to the last one.

When we make a room plan, we’re looking to create a representative space and bring the right attention to it. The not-so-intricate details and corners are often hidden away and we choose instead to show off what’s impressive and beautiful about the space. A planner may know his own work best, but how can he get his viewers to see the plan through his eyes?

It’s simple: give them the right angle.

For this, pCon.planner provides the ability to set a specific camera from an active view. The selected view of the plan is then held and can be viewed and adjusted at any time.

Detalied intructions on how you can set the camera and edit its parameters can be found in our Help Center.

If you need to create a view quickly, that’s no problem. pCon.planner has predefined perspectives available for you. These include views from the top, rear, front and right as well as views from angles like the southeast and northwest of the plan. If nothing is selected, the chosen view relates to the overall plan. Single or multiple objects are the center and pull the focus onto themselves.

So, don’t leave all the glory to the photographers. Instead, make yourself a top photographer and set the scene for your products and plans with the help of pCon.planner.

More information and step-by-step explanations can be found in our video tutorial.
Have fun working those angles!

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