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Expertise is in reach with pCon.planner training!

Ever see some of the rendered images created with our room planner and think to yourself, ‘I wish I could make something like that.’ Our response? ‘Who says you can’t?!’

Just as your education is growing on a daily basis, so too can your expertise of pCon.planner. With specialized training, you can learn how to optimally and efficiently use of room planning software.


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Andreu World – Tradition Inspires our Future

It’s not easy to part from old habits. Nevertheless we know that the world continues to turn whether we like it or not. Even when it comes to furniture we prefer to incorporate traditional materials into futuristic designs, in the hopes that they will keep us grounded as we look forward. The furniture manufacturer Andreu World, with headquarters in Valencia, Spain, does just that. They dare to balance between old and new, saying “Tradition inspires our Future.”

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3 shortcuts on pCon.planner to make you lightning fast!

So you figured out how to use pCon.planner, that’s great! But what if you could double your speed – that’s right – double it. Imagine how much more work you could get done. That’s why we’ve organized 3 lightning fast shortcuts that will make you the “Superplan” of pCon.planner. more…

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LivingInteriors – Design. Decorate. Live

LivingInteriors, together with IMM Cologne, is the event for space concepts, offering an innovatively staged look into the world of interior design. The show runs from January 18 through January 24.

LivingInteriors – Design. Decorate. Live
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The Right Perspective

When we make a room plan, we’re looking to create a representative space and bring the right attention to it. The not-so-intricate details and corners are often hidden away and we choose instead to show off what’s impressive and beautiful about the space. A planner may know his own work best, but how can he get his viewers to see the plan through his eyes?


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Bring your Design to Life with Materials and Textures

Bring your Design to Life with Materials and Textures space planning pCon.planner materials interior design interior decorating 3D models

Texture is all around us. From the smooth, yet subtle curves of an ebony wood coffee table, to a beautifully tiled mosaic floor, our world is full of materials and patterns that add depth and interest to our everyday surroundings. It should come as no surprise then that these materials, while sometimes overlooked, can make or break the feel of a space. And when it comes to room planning on a digital level, material is an absolute must if you’re looking to create a realistic experience for your viewers.


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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

We hope everyone had a great holiday break. We’re excited to be back and can’t wait to begin another great year here at EasternGraphics. more…

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