When a picture just isn’t enough…

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. It wasn’t long ago that plans were created solely using article numbers. But nowadays, there are diverse programs that allow you to create plans with photorealistic renderings and that let you visualize your products based on their particular features. On our Blog and in our Video Tutorials, we’ve already shown you how you can properly set the scene for your plan in order to create the perfect rendering. While this is well suited in most cases, today we want to show you an even more impressive way to present your final design – we’re talking about 360° panoramic views.

Surely you know the “Panoramic View Function” from your smartphone. You stand at the top of a mountain, phone in hand with a beautiful landscape before you. By panning the phone across the scene and simply touching a button, you can capture the entire stunning view. Creating a panoramic image in pCon.planner is just as simple.

Start by selecting a location in your plan. From there, you can navigate the scene using the Media Maker. Lastly, select the size you want for your panorama –it’s that easy! After the image is computed, you will see your panorama, or spherical picture, displayed in a rectangular output window.

“How does one show the atmo(sphere) of the image,” you ask? With the online presentation service Impress, and with just a few minutes of your time, you can impressively present your panoramas on a computer, tablet or even your smartphone. Simply save the rectangular image, load the picture into Impress, and be amazed!

Below we’ve prepared a 360° panorama in which you can move around the image, rotating it and zooming in on any of the details. Try it on your tablet if you want to have even more fun. By tilting and turning the tablet in your hands, you can move rotate and move about the panorama.

You can use 360° panoramas as an interactive presentation technique directly online or on a mobile device. Impress also allows the possibility to provide links for your customers or friends, so they won’t have to install a panorama viewer on their own system.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try!

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