3D Construction in pCon.planner – made to meet your needs!

Custom designs – a lucrative, but no less challenging theme when it comes to planning for your customers. With the need to implement individual requests, such as specific dimensions or particular shapes, the sheer wealth of ideas and imagination is almost limitless. And naturally, the customers want to see what they’ll get before they buy.

The solution? pCon.planner not only answers to these constructions needs, but also provides various options in which you can easily edit and work with 2D elements and 3D objects. Want a counter like the one below? With a little practice, you can create such a design, too!

The construction of many individual design ideas often starts with 2D drawing elements, which, piece by piece, evolve into impressive 3D models. To do so yourself, start by drawing a basic 2D structure of your model with the help of various editable drawing elements like lines, arcs or triangles. Then, extrude them. With the resulting 3D model, you can now utilize various operations, such as “Subtract,” “Merge,” or “Intersect”, found in the pCon.planner menu. More often than not, there are several ways to implement your ideas.

Whether you “subtract” a rectangle from a sphere (middle illustration) or you create an “intersect” of both shapes (right illustration), the end result, as seen in this example, is the same: the basic form of your counter is complete.

The substructure paneling of the counter is also created similarly: Draw the base frame in 2D, extrude the drawing to form a solid shape, and finally, create the “finished form” by using the respective subtraction option on other shapes.

If you are looking to create custom designs in the future, the “Subtract,” “Merge,” and “Intersect” functions will certainly come in handy. Go ahead – try these design features out for yourself!

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