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Leyform – the seating experience

For over thirty years Leyform combines tradition, craftsmanship and experience to deliver high quality seating solutions that meet the highest Italian and international standards.

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pCon.planner 7.2 Patch 1 available

The first patch of Version 7.2 of our 3D room planning software is now available!
pCon.planner 7.2 Patch 1 available
The window that pops up when you open pCon.planner is no advertisement – it invites you to update to the latest version of our interior design software. The patch improves the overall performance of pCon.planner and fixes more…

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From Slides to Wine Racks – Creative Design in pCon.planner

Last week we posted a blog surrounding the topic of custom-made items and construction using pCon.planner. But the free planner offers plenty more tools and feature for creative design than what we’ve already addressed. Today we’re going to show you what a little know-how and imagination, together with our software, can help you build.Slide built with the construction functions in pCon.planner more…

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Dataflex launches a new website and configurator

The manufacturer’s range of ergonomic computer workstation accessories has been available in the pCon.catalog for years, but as of October, the OFML data of the Viewlite monitor arms and toolbars will also be available upon request.
Configure Dataflex products online more…

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3D Construction in pCon.planner – made to meet your needs!

Custom designs – a lucrative, but no less challenging theme when it comes to planning for your customers. With the need to implement individual requests, such as specific dimensions or particular shapes, the sheer wealth of ideas and imagination is almost limitless. And naturally, the customers want to see what they’ll get before they buy.

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