pCon.planner 7.2 – Sneak Peek Part 1

Explore 3D models on your browser

pCon.planner 7.2 is almost here, and it comes with several new features. Today, we’ll show you a function that is sure to impress.
pCon.planner 7.2 Sneak Peek 1
With the new version of our room planner, you can share your plans or 3D models at the touch of a button. With this, your clients or colleagues can view the shared items on their browser – no matter where they are, or whether they’re on a tablet or a computer.

If you’d like to know more information on how 3D models look in the browser, take a look at the following link: http://goo.gl/50hhwz

Please note: At this time, we recommend viewing the link using Chrome.

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One reply on “pCon.planner 7.2 – Sneak Peek Part 1

  • Libor Stolc

    Very interesting new feature! But my customers not using OFML data would like to change one material of several selected objects by one simple command. I already asked EGR developers several times, but I received theirs answer, that it is too complicated. So now I hope, that this feature could be added to new features of pCon.planner 7.2.

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