Rendering Tips – Working with the “Ball of Light”

A few weeks ago, we asked you what topics you’d like to see more of here on the pCon blog. And we received several suggestions.

Today, we’ll be dedicating our post to the first topic suggestion: Tips and Tricks for your Renderings. With that said, this post will concretely explain how to quickly and easily illuminate your renderings in pCon.planner.

Lighting done right
Finding and fine-tuning the right lighting for your particular design space can be extremely time consuming. But don’t fret, one of our pCon.planner trainers has developed a quick fix for you, appropriately name the “ball of light.”
The “ball of light” consists of grouped, directional light sources that emits light in all directions. This ensures that renderings created in the lighting method Direct Lighting are evenly lit.

Applying the “ball of light”
Before you insert the “ball of light,” be sure to remove the Default Lighting from your plan. Without this step, your image will appear overexposed. Once the default lighting has been removed, you can insert the “ball of light” into your design. The exact placement of the light source is up to you, however, we suggest placing it outside of the room. This way, the light won’t be in the way if you want to make any changes within the space.

Now, try creating a rendering. With the addition of the “ball of light,” you’ll notice the image is evenly illuminated. Keep in mind, this also means that hardly any shadows will be present, impacting the spatial effect of the rendering. To avoid this problem, you can then add an additional light source using a Directional Light type. With this, we’re imitating sunlight and bringing shadows back into the picture. Together, these light sources will bring about a more natural appearance.

Download the “ball of light” here and try it out yourself!

You can see the individual steps for this rendering tip in the gallery.

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  • Rodrigo

    Unfortunately the “ball of light” file is not available anymore. Any chance you can upload it again?

    • Anna

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Thanks for your comment. We put the file back and you can download the “ball of lights” again.

  • Ivy Baker

    This is some really good information about rendering. It is good to know that it would be smart to add a directional light to help you get the right type of shadows. That is a good thing to be aware of when you need to make the rendering of the scene look good. Personally, I would want someone with experience handle lighting a project.

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