Impress Upload Keeps Getting Stuck? A Few Simple Clicks Could Help.

If you are user of our online presentation service Impress and the upload of certain files regularly stops, it could be due to the settings of your browser security system. In this post we are going to present a solution to the problem.
If the upload of certain files to Impress keeps getting stuck, a few clicks could help
The Problem:
Many antivirus software programs contain web protection modules which will check the data traffic between the web browser and the internet. By doing so, the software will make sure that no harmful data will be downloaded to your computer. The programs use file extensions and size as indicators. Many files are accepted to pass by the browser security systems – for example pictures with the extension png or jpg, whereas the system will block unknown files. Certain media such as MultiContentPictures and panoramas that are generated with pCon.planner are developed by EasternGraphics and thus use special extensions. For this reason, those files sometimes are blocked by web protection and can neither be uploaded nor displayed.

The Solution:
To enable the blocked files for the upload to Impress, you have to add the unknown file extensions in the settings area of your web protection. So add the following extensions to the list of permitted files to make sure that all media possible can be presented with Impress.

  • ­  epan
  • ­  eimg
  • ­  3dweb
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