Create 360 degree panoramic images

Panoramic images as 360 degree views of your planning are among the most innovative presentation techniques. Thus you can present your room concepts in the best possible way either in the browser or on all mobile devices. In the following video tutorial we show you how panoramic images are created. On our website you can download the latest version of pCon.planner for free and try it yourself!

PS: The video has been recorded in HD quality. You can set the quality up in the bottom navigation of the video. For best results choose 1080p. With slower connections it may take longer to load the video.

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4 replies on “Create 360 degree panoramic images


    I have a pCon room layout as a rendering with the .epan file type – how do i view it in 360? i have tried opening it in a web browser but that doesn’t work for me. do i have to upload the file to a website or something to enable this feature?

    • Timmy

      Hey, yes you can use your EPAN files with our updated version of impress:

      You just have to convert them into PNG format to display them in impress. To do so, you can for example use this page:

      And this is how to proceed:
      – Change the file extension from EPAN to ZIP.
      – Extract the ZIP archive.
      – On the website, select the option “six separate files” (far right) and click browse.
      – Navigate to your zip archive and upload the following 6 images to the service: pano_b, pano_d, pano_f, pano_l, pano_r, pano_u.
      – You get a spherical panorama in PNG format.

      A little tip: Convert PNG files to JPG panoramas to keep the file size low. If the file size doesn’t matter to you, just keep the PNG.

      We hope this helps!

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