A design that feels just as new as familiar pCon.planner 7

Having pCon.planner 7 released, we want to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the revised user interface. We have prepared a video that gives you an overview of new features and tools and shows you the structure of the registers and dialogues.

On our website you can download the new version for free and try the functionalities yourself.

PS: The video has been recorded in HD quality. You can set the quality up in the bottom navigation of the video. For best results choose 1080p. With slower connections it may take longer to load the video.

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2 replies on “A design that feels just as new as familiar pCon.planner 7

  • Gustav Gawron

    Good day. I apologize in advance, because the text is translated Google Translator. Not speak English, but only their mother tongue Czech. I’ve been waiting to come out version 7. But I was very disappointed after installation. Version 7 because I did not start at all. A program itself I just wrote that it needs to be reinstalled. So I installed it on a newly installed Windows XP PRO SP3. A bug still shows that you must reinstall pCon.planner 7.0 again, and that somewhere during the installation error occurred. Even so, it does not work and you still can not run. I have pCon.planner 7.0 installed over an older version of pCon.planner 6.8 And it does not work. So I was looking forward to the new version and I have to stay with an older version or stop working with this excellent program. And that’s me too tired because it is a new version. Czech blog is not for this program, so I have no one to consult. Therefore, I will have to stop working with this program. Thank you and good-bye. Gustav Gawron

  • Caglar Özgür

    Hi Gustav,
    unfortunately we don’t support Windoxs XP anymore. pCon.planner 6.8 was the last version, which officially supported Windows XP. Since microsoft has also stopped supporting Windows XP, we needed to also adapt our solutions in this direction. But as a favor, our developers has built a workaround for windows xp. We will contact you soon to inform you how to solve your problem. I wish you a nice day and hope that you will enjoy the pCon.planner 7 very soon. Your feedback is always welcome!

    Best Regards,
    Caglar Özgür
    Product Manager of pCon.planner

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