Piping design with our 3D Room Planner

Have you ever visited a factory? In addition to huge machines and devices you have probably noticed complex piping systems, which need to be very carefully planned in advance. Here our software comes into play. With the piping module, which is integrated in pCon.planner, you can create accurate piperwork and visualize them. Some professionals in that branch of industry are already convinced of our solution.

The company RENNER Kompressoren uses the pCon.planner to create planning solutions. The company’s history stretches back over 20 years, in which RENNER has established from a small tinkerer to a successful medium-sized enterprise for industrial compressors.

To support its partners RENNER has integrated compressors, compressed air tanks, connectors and many other products as 3D models in the pCon.catalog. This catalog is available after registration.

The result is quite convincing: The pCon.planner allows us to reduce the planning process from several hours to a few minutes. It also increases the quality of the sales documents. Here you can watch an example that presents the piping design of the company RENNER.

The planning solution for piping is available in each pCon.planner version. Please try it yourself. If you need assistance, please see our Help Center.

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