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New category: Technical Information

This blog now is home to a new category: Technical Information provides news and advice concerning the technical side of pCon.planner, information on new features of the planning tool as well as updates of our pCon.planner Help Center. The Help Center is … more…

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EasternGraphics Website is now available in Romanian

The EasternGraphics website is available in a further language. We now provide all information on products, services, solutions and OFML on the EasternGraphics website in Romanian.

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REHAU – Contemporary and Stylish Acoustic Solutions for Workplaces

REHAU is known for its innovative polymer-based innovations and systems in building solutions, automotive and industry. REHAU is now on pCon.catalog with its multiple award-winning tambour door system RAUVOLET acoustic-line and the partition elements of RAUWORKS. You can download the 3d models for free and use them in your interior designs.


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