pCon.planner 6.6 online

The new version of the 3d space planning tool is now available.

Much has happened since the last release. Some of the existing functions were revised and some new ones are introduced in pCon.planner 6.6 .

Here you can find a detailed documentation of the new functions and tools.

We will only present a few new features here on the blog – some of which are available in all versions while some are only available in the PRO version.

All versions of the pCon.planner 6.6 support the 2013 DWG format (R19). There is the option of selecting it in the dropdown menu for File Type during all saving operations or geometry exports.

The measure tape has been integrated into the Standard version from pCon.planner 6.6 onwards. Also its functions have been extended.

The PRO Version of pCon.planner 6.6 offers a new floor plan tool in addition to the familiar wall drawing tool. This is an easier and more efficient way of drawing floor plans. The method is similar to that for drawing a line. The user first sketches wall plans by dragging the mouse around a floor plan. The areas produced in this way are turned into 3D walls automatically.

A second novelty that also affects pCon.planner PRO is the possibility to insert wall elements interactively. In interactive mode, the origin in the wall is set with the first click on the mouse. Dragging the mouse cursor will set the width and this is fixed with a further click. Windows, doors and gates inserted this way can be modified the same way as theor “conventional” placed counterparts.

Download the free version of the 3d space planning software pCon.planner 6.6.

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2 replies on “pCon.planner 6.6 online

  • Dibujo tecnico Upper

    I have a huge issue. i updated my pCon planner to 6.6 and now i have less features. Also i do not see any of this new features. I downloaded the previews version pCon from our partners website (about office) to try and fix this but no luck. HELP PLEASE !

    • Anna


      I forwarded your message to the support team. They are taking care of your problem.

      Best regards

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