New EasternGraphics Website

We are proud to announce the release of the new EasternGraphics Website.

Additionally to the obvious redesign we restructured the content to fully accommodate the development of the pCon-products.

On the new website you can read up on certain applications of the pCon product range as well as on holistic solutions. Also you get an insight into the technology that builds the basis for our 3d product configuration and space planning software.

Have fun exploring the new website! Comments on how you like the website are very welcome.

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One reply on “New EasternGraphics Website

  • Libor Stolc

    I spent quite a long time watching the new website and I think it is really great! Now, all visitors of this website can find very quickly all basic information about all products and services of EGR. I hoped that I find some information about pCon.planner ME and pCon.planner PRO. And I suppose translations of the website to all languages of pCon.planner within a short time. I would like to thank all who were working on the new website!

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