pCon.planner 6.5 PRO and ME version online

You can now obtain the PRO and ME version of the pCon.planner 6.5 via pCon.update or the EasternGraphics Forum.

As usual, the auto update will be active a few days after the release of the respective versions as download.
We will inform you as soon as the automatic update is activated.

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12 replies on “pCon.planner 6.5 PRO and ME version online

  • Peter

    I notice that the Bene furniture is available in dwg for release 2012, I am running R2013 64bit and can not download the dwg files because of this. Also I would prefer the files to be in Revit format is this available or will it be soon? PLEEEASE!!!

    • Anna

      Hello Peter,

      I just wrote you an email concerning your comment.

      Best regards

  • Cedric

    I got the ME version of pCon Planner via my supplier Sinetica. I also got their OFML data, but I am not able to see the ‘subscription’ page in my pCon update portal account to request the OFML data from my other suppliers? Contact page also shows contact details of Sinetica… How can I do this?

    • Anna

      Hello Cedric,

      You’ve got a marketing account for the pCon.update portal, which means you can only get OFML data by one manufacturer with that account. However, there are ways to get data by your other suppliers as well.

      I will forward your request to my colleagues from EasternGraphics Benelux. They will contact you soon and help you find the suitable solution.

      Best regards,

    • Pauline


      The standard version is the free version of our room planning software. The PRO version has additional features and allows you to configure objects with the help of OFML data from hundreds of manufacturers. The ME is a markting version of our software, focusing on the use of data from one particular manufacturer.

      You can find more general information about the planner at http://pCon-planner.com/en


  • Ramees


    I Would Like to Use Pcon Planner ME Verson. Please Help me to Download the Set Up And Install.


    • Anna

      Hi Ramees,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      pCon.planner ME is an edition of pCon.planner that manufacturers distribute to their dealers. If you are a dealer or designer, please contact a manufacturer you are working with reagrding pCon.planner ME.

      Else, you can download our free pCon.planner or a trial-version of pCon.planner PRO.

      Please let us know if you need further information.

      Best regards
      Your pCon team

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