Publishing and sharing media on the web

In our post from the 27th of November we introduced possibilities to present your planning with the aid of pCon.planner. Today, we would like to show you how to upload different media from the Media Box into the web and send it to an arbitrary number of recipients afterwards.

How it works?

Pictures, 3D models and videos stored in the Media Box will be uploaded to a server provided by EasternGraphics right after you clicked the Upload button. Subsequently, a presentation of your materials will be created. Via email form that will open up within your browser, you will be able to send the link to the respective presentation. Afterwards, the recipients will be able to look at your presentations online, on their iPad or iPhone.


To be able to use the free upload and publishing service, you need to register. The easiest way to do so is to open the pCon.planner program settings. Simply left-click the button Settings within the Application Menu and open the Common tab to find the pCon-portal login in the lower part of the window. If you are not already in possession of a login, click on Register new user.

Register a new user

Immediately, a window will display. All you need to do is entering your email address and password into the appropriate fields and clicking the Send button. The sent data will be treated absolutely confidential and will not be passed to any others.
After the registration process, you still need to activate your account. To do so, open the email sent to the address you signed in with and click on the link pCon.portal Login Actication.

Activate your account

Ensuing, type your chosen user name and password into the program settings of pCon.planner.

Here we go!

All data that are saved within the Media Box can be uploaded to the EasternGraphics server to release them for view. Just click on the corresponding media and right afterwards on the button Upload. You can also use the appropriate entry of the context menu to do so.

Upload media from the Media Box

After you clicked on Upload, the upload package will be compiled. Its size will be displayed within a small dialog window. Please note that packages which exceed the maximum size of 90 MB cannot be uploaded at all.

The dialog shows the size of the upload package

By clicking the OK button, your data will be uploaded to the web. It will be stored there for 28 days on our server.

The upload process

Sending presentations

After your successful upload of material, a form will open up within your browser. It will enable you to send the link of your content to others. As you can see in the following picture, you just need to enter the name of the recipient, write a text (optional) and click on Send presentation. This process can be repeated an arbitrary number of times.

Send your presentation

To make sure that you keep track of your sent mails you will get a copy of every email you send on your own. This email can be used to forward the link of your presentation. As your content is available for 28 days, you do not have to upload your content again as long as you are sending emails within this period of time.

Watch presentations

Two links are provided in the email that the recipients will get. One of the links is a normal web link that can be opened with your web browser. The other one is a so called app link which can be used to watch presentations on the iPhone or iPad.

One way to present planning scenes are videos

In the App-Store, you will find all the programs necessary for this purpose: the pCon.viewer for iPads and the pCon.viewer Lite for iPhones. Both programs are free of cost and have been especially created to view presentations.

Information about 3D models

If you have created a 3D model of your planning and you would like to release it to view, it is advisable to tell your recipients that they should install the O3D plug-in in their browser. This plug-in enables the interactive exploration of the planning model.

Explore planning scenes interactively

Unfortunately, Apple does not support the above named plug-in. This is why the presentation of 3D models is not possible on iPads or iPhones.

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