Pictures, videos, 3D models: Diverse ways to present your plan

That the appropriate presentation of plans plays an important role is surely undisputed. If a planner wants to present different variants of interior decorations to his customer, if he wants to create a walkthrough of the planned project for his client or if he wants to visualize different perspectives of the planned room solution to present them to his lecturer at university – the question that he will be always asking himself is: Which opportunities does the software that I am using to plan my projects provide? Does it exactly what it says on the tin and does it really meet my requirements?

While we developed our 3D design software we have been especially concerned with this topic. It has been important to us to provide diverse media types to our users that allow them to visualize their plans in an appropriate way. Therefore, the previous possibilities of pCon.planner have been extended in the current version 6.4.

You can access the functions for creating, managing and publishing of different media by clicking the presentation tab in the ribbon. More precisely, you can:

  • Create real-time images and photo-realistic renderings
  • Produce, edit and show animations
  • Render real-time videos in a photo-realistic quality
  • Create interactive 3D models of your planning for web-presentations (O3D)
  • Individually compile images to galleries
  • Upload your contents cost-free to the internet and release them for publication

Render imagesCreate and edit animationsRender animations

The Media Box allows you to manage different media types. New directories are generated for every new project respectively for every new planning file. Within these directories, all pictures, videos and 3D models related to your project are saved. If you wish to import further media in the project directory, you can do so by pressing a button within the media box. Moreover, single images can be composed to galleries. In this way, an upload of single pictures for presentation purposes becomes unnecessary.

For each project is created an own directory in the Media BoxThe media of a project are structured in the Media Box

Soon we will tell you how to pass different media to colleagues and friends per upload-service. So stay curious!

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  • Mario Cortés

    No hay duda que es una gran herramienta, pero sólo la versión Pro parece tener acceso al apps en el iPad y no la consigo,ni siquiera una referencia al costo,agradezco me digan donde y cómo adquiría y si ahora que con el Win 8 las cosas serán diferentes hay una actualización a este. Gracias.

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