For really big fishes: The 64-Bit renderer is coming

At the end of September, the new pCon.planner 6.4 is going to be released. One of many improvements concerns the integrated rendering-engine YafaRay. For the first time, it will be possible for you to generate images of plannings with the 64-Bit version of the renderer.

But what exactly is your advantage? Well, 32-Bit Windows operating systems can only make available 2 GB memory for 32-Bit applications. If the application should need more memory, this will usually lead to a crash of the application itself. The same applies to the rendering of pictures. If you have a very big planning and you want to render photo-realistic images, in many cases, the renderer will need more than the provided 2 GB of the operating system.

The reason therefore is the planning itself. This means, the more objects (complex geometries), materials and light sources the planning contains the more data has to be stored by the renderer to obtain the exact results. Eventually, all details of the planning have to be considered.

Although you might already use pCon.planner 6.3 on a 64-Bit Windows system, there will not be provided much more allotted memory for the rendering-tool as the renderer is still active as 32-Bit process. In this case, the provided memory amounts maximum 4 GB.

Nearly an unlimited amount of memory can be allotted to the new 64-Bit renderer of pCon.planner 6.4 by the 64-Bit Windows system. To be precisely, a maximum of 8 TB (8192 GB) can be provided. Consequently, even very big planning can be rendered without risk of a program crash, in future.

The following rendering is one example which profits directly from the 64-Bit extension of the renderer. The underlying planning was provided by courtesy of the company Sedus.

A planning example kindly provided by Sedus.

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