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pCon.planner 6.4 is available now!

pCon.planner 6.4 - Download now!
We are pleased to announce that we just released our free 3D design software pCon.planner 6.4. The Pro version will come on the market within the next week.
Since our last release at the end of March, a lot has happened regarding the development of pCon.planner. You can find many new features in the current version. I have summarized the most important of them in this article. more…

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Products for visual communication and creative interior design

Abstracta and Borks expand the range of pCon.catalog with products for visual communication and creative interior design. Both are brands that are managed by Lammhults Möbel AB.


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A new look for pCon.planner

As Micha announced in his last post there will be some new features in pCon.planner 6.4. Those developments are not only of the technical and functional kind, but also some retouches of the user interface took place. more…

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For really big fishes: The 64-Bit renderer is coming

A planning example kindly provided by Sedus.At the end of September, the new pCon.planner 6.4 is going to be released. One of many improvements concerns the integrated rendering-engine YafaRay. For the first time, it will be possible for you to generate images of plannings with the 64-Bit version of the renderer.

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Contemporary furniture design on pCon.catalog

Elegant, effective and eco-friendly products are presented by Lammhults on The Swedish manufacturer has 150 employees and is situated in the village of Lammhults, 450 kilometers south of Stockholm. Lammhults is a growing company, well-established on a number of markets.


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3D design software in a professional environment – Palmberg

Palmberg project: CocaCola Ratingen

Besides of countless private users that are using the 3D design software pCon.planner, there are, of course, lots of companies applying the software in a professional working environment. Surely, some of you are asking themselves which companies are using pCon.planner respectively how and why they apply the software. In a new series of posts we would like to bring light into the darkness by presenting to you some of the enterprises. more…

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Presenting Projects Part 2

In the first part of this short series we explained the fundamental differences between the profiles standard and photo in the Media Maker.
In this second article on the topic of creating renders with the 3D space planning program pCon.planner we are going to explain some distinctions between pre-set photo-profiles. more…

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Presentation materials for office and public spaces online

If you are searching for presentation materials such as white boards, media walls or office screens you will be now able to find a new product catalog on The company Lintex the Scandinavian leader in presentation materials for offices, learning facilities and public spaces is now presenting its products online.


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Ligne Roset – Renderings of new products

Ploum, Grillage and Guggen – these are names of new products of the French company Ligne Roset. Today, the manufacturer of design furniture is an international market leader in the field of modern interior and is represented in more than 71 countries. In pCon.planner 6 renderings of these new products were created.

Ligne Roset Saint JamesLigne Roset Janus


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Swissbau 2012 – We will be there!

Banner Swissbau 2012

Our Swiss partner, weber office solution gmbh, is going to take part in the next Swissbau in Basel.
There, weber office solution will present a part of our pCon product range. Besides of the 3D design software pCon.planner and our online catalog portal pCon.catalog, pCon.basket, a tool to calculate offers, is going to play an important role.

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