The ten most frequently asked questions

1. Is pCon.planner really a free spatial planning software?

Yes, pCon.planner 6.3 is free of charge. Besides of the free version, there is also a commercial one – pCon.planner Pro. In comparison to the standard version, the fee required software differs mainly in terms of two additional features:

  • the layout tool
  • and the possibility to configure products

2. Where can I download pCon.planner

3. In which languages is pCon.planner provided?

Currently, the program can be installed in nine different languages: Danish, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Rumanian. From version 6.4 on pCon.planner will also be provided in Turkish.

4. Where can I find support if I have problems concerning the software?

Online help:

Video Tutorials:

and of course looking at our pCon-Blog categories:

5. Is it possible to use pCon.planner on Mac OS X?

At present, pCon.planner is not available for the operating system Mac OS X. Nevertheless, you can use pCon.planner by applying the virtual windows system. For this purpose, Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion are suitable products.

6. When and where do training courses for pCon.planner take place?

In Germany, training courses are organized by out partner Wegscheider Office Solution GmbH. More information about dates and contents about the courses can be found on their website. If you wish to participate in a training course in another country please contact our international partners.

7. Which email address do I have to use to ask for support?


8. Why do some of the display modes of pCon.planner not work on my computer?

For this problem, we have created an extensive document which can be downloaded here.

9. Why is it not possible to select objects in plannings any more?

This problem may have different causes:

  1. Please check, if the snap mode is activated. Therefore, click on the magnet icon in the bottom right of the status bar. If there is no tick on either of the snap modes, none of the objects can be selected. Just click select all to activate all of the modes and a selection of objects will be possible.
  2. Please check, if you are in the walk mode. If the walk mode icon (two footprints) in the bottom right of the status bar is dyed orange, the walk mode is activated. By clicking on the icon (pressing F9 or esc), you are able to leave this mode. A selection should be possible afterwards.

10. Is it possible to create renderings with pCon.planner 6.3?

Because of the integrated rendering engine, it is easily possible to create pictures or videos of plannings in a photo-realistic quality. The following picture, as well as the video, have been rendered using pCon.planner 6.3.

Rendering made with pCon.planner.

[hana-flv-player video=”″ width=”495″ height=”391″ description=”This photo-realistic video was made in cooperation with Bene.” player=”2″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /]

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5 replies on “The ten most frequently asked questions

  • Libor Stolc

    I hoped you are planning to add Czech language to new 6.4 version. It is a pity for potentional users in Czech Republic, which are still using old Arcon for interior design. I am able to do Czech translation of new 6.4 version. But there is a problem, that a lot of Czech strings in dialogs are longer and some changes in dialog has to be done. I have been using Lingobit Localizer software for the translation. And I think that a lot of professionals could use your pCon.planner Pro, too.

    • Micha

      Hi Libor,
      thanks a lot for your interest in pCon.planner. As you surely know we’ll release version 6.4 at the end of September. For this reason it won’t be possible to implement the Czech language now. Nevertheless we are quite interested in your offer. It would be great if a Czech translation of pCon.planner will be available with one of the next versions. For this purpose we would like to talk to you in a web conference next week. What do you think?”

      • Libor Stolc

        Hi Michael, thank you for your reply. I am very pleased you are interested in a Czech translation. I am ready to discuss more details. I am very looking forward to my work on both a Czech translation and a support of your pCon.planner. I think that different language version are installed only with changed text strings. Because I was already translating several programs (latest was Ashampoo CAD), I know that I have to do changes in dialogs, because some Czech translated strings are longer than original strings. I already tried to translate only for my testing original planner.exe file in pCon.planner 6/bin/ folder. Translated planner.exe file worked without any problem. And so I able to begin my translation of new version 6.4 immediately after its release. I am very looking forward to your reply.

  • Mark Littlejohn

    Why when I want to insert objects does it open what looks like a browser wanting me to open my email account. How do I know that this is not sending my password to a backdoor? Why do I need to log into an account that I already have open. Why is there not just a library of objects to choose from.

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