Insights into the software development: the pCon.planner

Some time ago we published an article about the history of pCon.planner. In there, one could see clearly that the program changed perceptively since 1995. Now, one could ask the question how the development of pCon.planner is happening respectively how Eastern Graphics is evolving applications.

How does software development happen?

The most important source of inspiration and information are, over and over again, our clients and users. After all, they know best which demands the market poses on spatial and furnishing planning and which expectations a software has to meet. Besides, we generate, of course, our own ideas and discuss or, if necessary, create prototypes afterwards. Thereby, we are always concerned to ensure not only the technical possibilities but to create a software that leads the user with efficiency and enjoyment to his goal. Those ideas are put together with the wishes and propositions of our users to find solutions for their realization. And after some testing phases, you get to see the final results.

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