Office. Space. Acoustics.

More and more people are gathered together in a relatively confined area with more and more telephones and other noisy technical equipment.
Modern communication- and media technologies play a part in all areas of life – but especially at work. This leads to a constant noise level and, therefore, to a constant state of stress for many people – 40 hours a week. Research, economy and industry are increasingly concerned with the issue of noise minimization in professional life to counteract this needless burden.

Office. Space. Acoustics. From the 19th to the 20th of October, the symposium Office. Space. Acoustics is going to take place for the second time in Cologne. This year, renowned experts from the fields of communication technology, architecture, noise effects and acoustics will be primarily concerned with the synthesis of acoustics and innovative media technology. The event will be opened by the co-developer of the mp3-format Prof. Dr. Ing. Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Current developments and the latest acoustical effective materials will be presented as well as the topics planning, furnishing, management and noise effect in rooms – not least, to contribute to the creation of ideal acoustic conditions and, therefore, to ensure the welfare of employees and companies.
It is definitely worth a visit!

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