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New products for interior designers

The products of OKA are now available on OKA is a Belgian manufacturer of office furniture and partner of thousands of companies for 25 years. In the online product catalog of OKA you can find product solutions for reception, … more…

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What are materials?

An important element, if not the initial point of every succeeded planning and its visualization is the application of the appropriate material. In a short series we would like to give you some background information on this topic. In the first post we want to explain to you what a material in pCon.planner is, where you can find materials and how you can assign them properly. more…

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Bunk bed in theory and practice

As there was less and less space in my former student flat share, I decided to move into another flat in the middle of July this year. Having successfully found a new flat, I posed myself the question how I should furnish my new domicile.

What will be in the corner?

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Different rendering modes in pCon.planner

In pCon.planner, six different rendering modes can be used for real-time planning. On the basis of an example, I am going to show you how these modes are able to affect the rendering and how they can be characterized.

Different render styles can be chosen

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Modular solutions of Denz online

In a new online catalog the company Denz presents workplaces for open structures. Individual, two or four-person workplaces, desk-sharing and mobile configurations can be found here. Denz is a Swiss manufacturer that has brought innovation to the Swiss office furniture and fitting scene with its modular solutions.


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The ten most frequently asked questions

  • Is pCon.planner really a free spatial planning software?
  • Where can I find support if I have problems concerning the software?
  • Is it possible to use pCon.planner on Mac OS X?
  • Why do some of the display modes of pCon.planner not work on my computer?

These and other questions will be answered today. more…

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Insights into the software development: the pCon.planner

Some time ago we published an article about the history of pCon.planner. In there, one could see clearly that the program changed perceptively since 1995. Now, one could ask the question how the development of pCon.planner is happening respectively how Eastern Graphics is evolving applications.

How does software development happen? more…

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Welcome Four Design on pCon.catalog

Chairs and tables for different room situations, such as meeting, learning and eating are provided by Four Design on The Scandinavian manufacturer has combined its product portfolio in an online catalog.


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Your opinion about pCon-Blog

For almost one year now, pCon-Blog is online. Due to this reason, we would like to ask for your opinion. On the right-hand side of the homepage you will find a link that takes you directly to a short survey. … more…

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Office. Space. Acoustics.

More and more people are gathered together in a relatively confined area with more and more telephones and other noisy technical equipment. Modern communication- and media technologies play a part in all areas of life – but especially at work. This leads to a constant noise level and, therefore, to a constant state of stress for many people – 40 hours a week… more…

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