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Bene’s product solutions online

Bene has extended its online product catalog on The company has compiled a variety of product solutions in the catalog for different office areas like “reception” and “teamwork”.


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Video tutorial for pCon.catalog

The new pCon.catalog web presence is online since several days. Our latest video shows important features of the current portal. more…

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Free DWG-Viewer

Are you often working with DWG-data? Are you, furthermore, dependent on a highly efficient tool to display and measure 2D- and 3D objects and to export and print them as pictures afterwards? Then read on here!

Der pCon.planner als DWG-Viewer.

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Another manufacturer with medical furniture

Malvestio‘s products are now available on pCon.catalog. Malvestio is an Italian company which, for over 70 years, manufactures products which contribute to the comfort of patients and health operators in hospitals, clinics and retirement homes. It’s present in more than 20 countries. You can find all product solutions in DWG format in Malvestio‘s catalog.


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The countdown has begun

The new version of our 3D design software will be released at the end of September this year.
pCon.planner 6.4 - coming soon more…

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Technical tips, familiar problems and how to optimize the performance

To solve technical problems that may occur while using pCon.planner, we have currently created a document. Among other things, you will find there tips about the hardware and software of graphic cards as well as known issues regarding display errors. One paragraph of the document is about the optimization of pCon.planner to use it on older PCs and laptops.

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Presenting projects with pCon.planner

With the aid of pCon.planner, it is not only possible to plan your projects, but also to present them adequately. Thanks to the integrated render engine it is easy to create pictures of your 3D planning in a photo-realistic quality. To facilitate your work and to finally obtain a good visualization of your planning, we would like to impart some background knowledge of rendering possibilities to you. Therefore, we want to introduce this topic by tackling the user interface of the Media Maker and the pre-set profiles. more…

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New look and feel for pCon.catalog

pCon.catalog – the search service for graphic catalogs – presents itself today in a clear and modern design. We have improved the appearance of pCon.catalog. Now, you can get easier to the desired product. At the same time you are invited to browse through the product ranges of pCon.catalog.

pCon.catalog - home page

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3D design software with history

Although it may not seem like that at first glance, the history of pCon.planner is almost 15 years old. At that time, EasternGraphics began to create programs for spatial planning and to gain experience in the field of virtual space solutions. In today’s post we would like to give you an insight into those applications created by EasternGraphics that have been essential for the invention of the current pCon.planner.

User interface of OFML-Planner more…

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How to align objects – Part 2

Recently, we started our tutorial series How to align objects in pCon.planner. In this second part, you will learn how to use coordinate axes for the alignment of objects in our 3D design software.

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