Tutorial videos pCon.planner 6

Today we publish four new pCon.planner tutorial videos on our YouTube and vimeo channels. You are shown:

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13 replies on “Tutorial videos pCon.planner 6

  • Gauthier Poulain

    Bonjour à vous,

    j’aimerai extruder un rectangle dont un des côte est une grande Courbe, MAIS Je Ne Sais Pas comment realiser cette forme en une seule forme.
    Pouvez-vous m’aider??

    • Micha

      Bonjour Monsieur,
      ce n’est pas possible de ériger cet objet avec seulement un élément de dessin. Il faut prendre un rectangle et un cercle par exemple.Vous pouvez grouper les deux objets et après vous les extrudez, si vous voulez. .
      Mais en version 6.4 il sera possible de dessiner un objet comme vous le désirer.
      Cordialement, Micha.

      Mr Poulain was asking if it possible to create a rectangle with one side to be curved. I told him that you have to take two objects, a rectangle and a circle. The both objects can afterwards be grouped and extruded.
      Version 6.4 of pCon.planner will allow to draw a rectangle with curved lines.
      Best regards, Micha.

  • Tivoli

    Does pCon software has the ability to edit or configure texture of one surface or face on a multiple surface (ex. box) without affecting the other surfaces? Considering that the box is a single object. Thanks!

    • Micha

      textures are always assigned to single objects which may have n faces. That means if you have two objects with the same texture and you start editing one the other one won’t be affected by that. A texture which is assigned to a single object cannot be edited per face, separately. Changes always have effect on the whole object.

      • Tivoli

        That’s fine. It just happen to me when I want to change such direction of a wood grain texture on a single object wherein I can’t edit one face only. Anyhow thanks! =)

  • nilesh

    Is it possible to animate the movement of object controlled by OFML? e.g. A flipping door of cabinet or a tilt in chair etc.

    • Anna

      Hi Nilesh,

      I’m afraid that’s currently not possible.

      Best regards



    let me have the details of carmel lala ‘s work. there she has used the database of

    PROFILO GROUP’S database. how to get this database. pl guide me.

  • Shaifuddin

    Is this possible right now? I am unable to open. It is my fault maybe. Hello author please give me some tips to work on this tutorial

    • Pauline


      The videos should be working, however they are from a very outdated version of our software. Which tutorial were you wanting to watch? I’m happy to point you in the direction of a more up-to-date tutorial or blog.

      Best regards,

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