Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

Note: Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP in April 2014 – you can find more information on the Microsoft website.
Since the release in autumn 2014 we can no longer guarantee that our software is running smoothly on devices with Windows XP. You can find more information in the EastenGraphcis Newsletter.

Some of our users indicated that the graphical display of pCon.planner, in spite of using the newest hardware on their notebook, does not work flawlessly or even leads to a program crash.

Firstly, one has to record that the pCon.planner is a sheer 3D-application which, in the end, only reaches its full potential by using appropriate technologies such as OpenGL. Therefore, the use of real, technically speaking, firm 3D-graphics board is necessary.

Frequently, laptops are equipped with so-called Onboard-graphic solutions. These are energy-saving graphics boards which are only restrictively applicable in the field of 3D-applications, although they meet most of the general requirements in office lives.

Many notebooks which contain a simple graphics chip as well as a firm graphics board are sold nowadays. In this context, one talks about hybrids. In many instances, the user is wondering why his 3D-application is not working properly although he is in receipt of a topical system with 3D- graphics adapter – which leads to the current problem. The reason for this can be a missing allocation of the application to the 3D-graphics processor.

If you are in receipt of a notebook that is working with two graphics boards and you have recently experienced problems with pCon.planner concerning the display quality or program crashes, the following instruction could be of help for you. Even though you might not have an exact configuration at your disposal as it is described further down, this does not pose a problem due to the fact that other systems have similar adjustments.

Initially, you have to clear up if two graphics boards are installed on your system. This can be found out easily by using the device manager which, if you use Windows7/Vista, can be reached via:

Windows-Start Button / Control Panel / Device Manager or alternatively, if you use Windos XP, via: Start / Settings / Control Panel / System / choosing the Index-Tab Hardware in the Dialogue / Device Manager

Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

Our test-computer, a Thinkpad T410i, is in receipt of an Intel (HD) – Graphics Chip (an Onboard-Graphics Card) as well as an NVIDIA NVS 3100M (firm 3D-graphics adapter).

Until now, the pCon.planner has not been allocated to a graphics processor and is, therefore, using the Onboard-Card standardised. This shall be changed by now:

Please right click on the Windows-Desktop and choose the entry NVIDIA Control Panel out of the context menu coming open. If you should not find the entry, please open the Windows Control Panel and open the NVIDIA System Control out of there.

In the left navigation menu of the emerging application you will find the menu item 3D Settings by opening the item Manage 3D settings

Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

Looking at the right area of the screen you will find different setting possibilities. For example, you can define globally which graphics processor should be used standardized.

Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

Or else, you can click on Program Settings, insert the pCon.planner as application and choose the 3D-graphics adapter (in this case NVIDIA) as graphical processor.

Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

After you have carried out these adjustments, click Apply and restart pCon.planner.

After this process, you should experience significant improvements concerning the display quality.

One further hint
Sometimes, you have the possibility to bind in the option of choosing the graphics processor into the Windows Context Menu. However, this entry has to be activated by using the appropriate software. In the NVIDIA System Control Version 3.4.772, you will be able to find this by choosing View / Add Run with graphics processor to context menu. 3757DC2SWDEX

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3 Responses to Bad display quality despite of a new notebook?

  1. July 16, 2012 at 2:45 pm Laurent says:

    when I follow your instructions, on the last stage : “or else, you can click on program Settings, insert pCon.planneras application …”, well even if pCon.planner is install on my computer I can not see it on the list of “programs found on this computer” or not ! Why and how can I find it to do the changes you are advising to do.
    Many Thanks

  2. July 17, 2012 at 2:01 pm Micha says:

    Salut Laurent,
    if you click on the add button where a program can be chosen you only have to switch to the installation path of pCon.planner (e.g.C:\Program Files (x86)\EasternGraphics\pCon.planner 6\bin) and then choose the file “planner” (planner.exe).
    I hope this short description is helpful.

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