Second pCon.planner 6.3 Beta available

It’s a pleasure for us to present you an enhanced pCon.planner 6.3 Beta. The new version enriches your possibilities for space and interior planning once more with complete new or extended features. Especially the quality of visualization and the performance have been improved. Additionally the application is now available in different languages.

Features of pCon.planner 6.3 Beta:

  • Enhanced rendering tool to create photo-realistic images
  • New railing tool
  • Improved performance and less memory usage
  • Better visualization of solids
  • Improved handling of very complex drawings
  • Display of hatchings and line styles in wireframe mode

Find out more about our newest release reading the Feature document. Furthermore we provide a document, which describes how to publish and present plannings on Apple iPhone / iPad. In addition to this, a revised tutorial including an example planning explains the usage of the rendering tool.

The pCon.planner 6.3 Beta is a pre-version giving you a first feeling of functions and tools to be offered in the upcoming final version. It will be installed parallel to your existing pCon.planner version. If the previous beta-version is already installed on your system, it will be upgraded automatically.

Click here to download pCon.planner 6.3 Beta.

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