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Dear Readers,

We can look back on a busy and exciting 2012, during which Orgatec was a genuine sector highlight. Together with our partners, we presented innovative solutions that respond to the demands of modern working environments: flexible, dynamic, mobile – OFML in step with the times.

We would like to wish all our customers and partners a successful and happy 2013 and thank you all for your loyalty over recent years! We look forward to building further on this trusting relationship and continuing to implement innovative and pioneering solutions together.

The start of a new year is an opportunity to create new momentum and we are using it to give a fresh look to the EasternGraphics newsletter. From now on, the publication will appear as an HTML newsletter and report quarterly on the latest developments from the world of pCon. This issue is dedicated to the visualisation and presentation of products and product solutions – after all, good presentation is half the victory.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Your EasternGraphics Team

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Physical sales rooms and virtual configuration

Ambivalent worlds? Between physical sales environments and eCommerce. Online retailing, eCommerce and digital consumption – the world is increasingly thinking in these terms and investing in electronic communication and mobility. There can be no doubt that the sales environment has changed and consequently the communication between the seller and the customer. But even if new expressions such as Social and Mobile Commerce are being coined to describe the next phase of eCommerce, the consumer puts his trust in real time rooms, visits physical shops and thus provides a clear definition of his point of sale.

Why does he do this? At Orgatec it was frequently observed that visitors were attracted from the aisles to the chairs, to the tables, to the furniture: they wanted to sit on the furniture, test it, feel the materials and simply gain an impression of the design and quality of the item in question. These sensory impressions are inaccessible to visitors in digital worlds.

The limitations of physical sales rooms, space for virtual sophistication. No sales and exhibition area is so large that it offers adequate space to exhibit a company‘s complete range of products. Conventional presentation areas are also expensive to operate and maintain. Retailers face physical limits that prevent them from presenting the rich diversity of products they offer. For distributors, the challenge is to provide access to product versions and other useful information for the customer within the scope of the resources available – and in the most attractive possible way for the consumer.

Through the use of new media and integration of virtual assistants into existing sales environments it is possible to break through the physical restrictions of the real world and thus create added values for the customer on the one hand and the distributor on the other.

More than labelling: QR codes on exhibits. QR codes are visible, concise and profitable – yet unobtrusive and individualised. They can function as business cards, contain e-mail texts or even provide supporting sales information. They are effective interfaces between real objects and online information. QR codes are already being used successfully by many museums to provide an additional source of information and they clearly have the potential to open many doors in the commercial area of office furniture as well. Palmberg offers an example of how this can work in practice.

From the Online-Configurator to the QR code and back – Palmberg’s dealers are smiling. Palmberg’s homepage provides a function for generating QR codes. These are product-specific and describe the version of an item selected previously using the Online Configurator. Once printed, the QR codes become the smart accessory of the sales department.

From QR-Code to Online-Configurator to the variety of the product - cleverly showcased, easily scanned and configured as desired.

A QR code such as this, attached to an exhibit, takes exhibition visitors directly to the Online-Configurator. The customer can then view this item on his smartphone or tablet PC. A variety of dropdown boxes show other available versions of the product. The customer can configure the item as often he wants in the virtual world – the user interface of the configurator is as simple as it is effective.

Professional designing meeting highest visual demands. The Online-Configurator is intuitive to operate and makes a plurality of product data accessible.

Whichever version of the product the customer chooses, Palmberg’s Online Configurator offers the option of saving an image file as well as the corresponding DWG of the specified configuration and/or having this sent by e-mail. A new QR code or version of the product can be generated, saved and sent at the touch of a finger (or click of a mouse). This eliminates time consuming reconfiguration or typing out long URL addresses.

Complex product knowledge to take away. pCon technology builds bridges between the physical sales world and the provision of digital information. Dealers and manufacturers can use QR codes attached to exhibits to provide customers with relevant information about a product both quickly and easily. The Online Configurator can be integrated efficiently and attractively into distribution workflows. It is your service assistant and ensures that your customer can take home in his pocket a virtual copy of his item(s) in any configuration. All the customer needs is a smartphone or tablet PC and a free QR scanner app.

Modern labelling of exhibits – considering the rapid growth in sales of smartphones and tablet PCs, this is an idea with a future.

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Mobile presentation of configurations and plannings

Mobility in the IT world is on the rise, sales of smartphones and tablet PCs are growing rapidly. Mobile solutions are also being used increasingly in marketing and retailing to offer greater flexibility and get closer to customers. Even if it sometimes appears otherwise, this is not a changing of the guard – the replacement of one technology by another – it is more of a symbiosis between the traditional world of the desktop and new mobile hardware. The mobile presentation of configurations and plans using pCon.mobile Presenter is one such application scenario.

An overview opens with the start page providing information about all existing projects. Touch the project to open it for presentation.

This mobile solution, first presented to the public at Orgatec 2012, takes up an idea that was already integral to pCon.viewer: pCon.planner is used to create a presentation that can then easily be viewed interactively in an emotionally appealing way on a mobile device.

pCon.mobile Presenter supports a variety of media types so you can score highly with multifaceted and intelligent presentation of your planning. Touching clearly identified hotspots on the interactive floor plan opens image galleries, 360° panoramic views and even integrated videos, PDF files or HTML sites. A range of descriptive options are available to combine these features into complex storyboards.

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Clearly visible icons invite the user to interactive presentation. pCon.mobile Presenter supports a wide range of media types to liven up your planning.

The mobile solution is currently implemented via a native iPad app, which loads the presentation onto the mobile device. This also allows users to work offline. In addition, the native implementation ensures an unrestricted user experience, which also integrates the device's sensors: for example, you do not simply click your way around a panoramic image but can navigate your way through the plan by moving and turning the iPad.

pCon.mobile Presenter complements pCon.planner and extends its application area to the mobile world. pCon.mobile Presenter is a powerful argument at the point of sale. Who says that OFML cannot be emotional?

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Panoramic images overtake videos

Visualisations have always been an important factor in sales discussions and presentations – after all, who wants to buy „a pig in a poke“? New ideas are always welcome and allow you to gain an advantage over your competitors. pCon.planner 6.5 offers new options for creating emotional presentations with added spice. During the successful presentation at Orgatec, visitors to the trade fair were particularly impressed by the panoramic images created in pCon.planner PRO.

Presentations under control. These interactive 360° images can add the finishing touch to product presentations in all sorts of ways and different settings.Whether locally or on a website, on a PC workstation or a tablet PC - interactive means much more here than simply being able to change the viewing angle.

The user can easily change his location within the room or even within the building.In contrast to animations, he is able to free himself from the role of a passive observer and become an active participant in the presentation. He can organise his tour himself and as he pleases, view the project from every angle – let his gaze wander, pause, think, move closer.

Holding the iPad, the viewer can for example, familiarise himself with the future office by means of a virtual tour – either in the comfort of his own home or in the location itself. He can move freely in his future environment – in front of him a new desk in a friendly shade of white, an attractive picture on the wall to his right, behind him a filing cabinet with sliding doors.

The facts at a glance. If a specific piece of furniture attracts the viewer’s attention during the tour, he can simply touch it (or click on it with his mouse) to access comprehensive information about the product and discover more about the various versions available. From commercial information to photos and videos and even accessing the Online Configurator – everything is possible. For presentations of showrooms, reference projects or offices for your own use. For drawing the viewer into a comic book world or photorealistic presentation of the project – the possibilities are limitless.Panoramic images make it possible to entice customers into worlds of ideas and awaken their desires – intuitively, informatively and emotionally.Produce panoramic images for your plans using pCon.planner PRO and create presentations that bring ideas to life.

How such panorama may look like? Just click on the below picture and be inspired!

Setting hotspots allows you to link several images together so that you can change the location within a plan. A schematic providing an overview of the location offers the best means of finding your way around.
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One product, about one million Downloads and endless opportunities: in the four years since the first release of pCon.planner 6, people from 181 countries downloaded the interior planning programme more than 1 000 000 times. See in the following, which business areas use pCon.planner most.