Palmberg belongs to the most important companies of the German office furniture industry and successfully produces high-quality office furnishings for the European market! From planning to product development to installation of the manufactured furniture, for Palmberg the customer always comes first. Palmberg delivers all over Germany and to the neighbouring countries Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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We have talked to Nicole Eggert of PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen + Service GmbH about the use of pCon products at PALMBERG and the cooperation with EasternGraphics.

Nicole Eggert is working as head of department Object Planning and as responsible official for OFML data. She is in charge of the creation of office plans, the coordination of OFML data creation as well as telephone support concerning OFML.

The Interview - February 2013

Palmberg is one of the most important German office furniture manufacturers. Your company is successfull as a manufacturer of high-quality office furnishings for the European market. Which are the requirements software has to meet for a successful enterprise like Palmberg?


Every company has its own demands. This means that a modern enterprise like PALMBERG needs customizable software solutions. Open interfaces are extremely important. They allow the integration of own IT-developments.

Palmberg and EasternGraphics have been cooperating since 12 years now. Can you remember the first project that was brought about together? Which products were used?

Our first project was the conversion from FOS data to OFML data. We did use a previous version of the pCon.creator.

Why did your company opt for pCon solutions?

We wanted to provide our retailers with OFML data. Back then, EasternGraphics was the company that offered professional OFML data creation.

We then started to use the pCon.planner instead of previous CAD-System mainly because of the better options for visualization. Previous CAD-System did not allow for rendering within an appropriate process time.

Which products do you currently use? In which departments do you use them?

At PALMBERG, office furniture plannings are nowadays exclusively created using pCon.planner 6. For means of proposal preparation, our object planning and object processing departments use pCon.basket. Our area managers use the pCon.planner 6 ME.

Our latest project is the implementation of our Online Configurator. Why did you decide to use this technology?  For which purposes do you use the Online Configurator?

We did want to provide our customers with configurable DWG data through the web as one of the first cabinet furniture manufacturers in Europe. This is the reason why we decided to use the configurator.

It is a tool that supports our retailers in sales conversations. Besides the planning functions, the configurator is convincing with its holistic approach, putting the focus on product presentation. It allows sales partners to visualize the result of their work really easily and to present the customers realistic images of high quality as well as to showcase different configurations directly on-screen.

Another important point was that the new PALMBERG online configurator can easily be integrated in the pCon.planner and AutoCad software systems. The combination with other pCon solutions will be used at PALMBERG in order to take the demands of architects and planners into account in an even better way. The online configurator enables them to configure PALMBERG products and download these as a DWG in order to store or to insert them directly into a design. This way, architects and planners can use a variety of PALMBERG products without having to install them first.  

How do your customers like the Online Configurator?

We see that we have a lot of visitors at the online configurator pages on our website. 2.500 visitors since January - That speaks for itself. Additionally, we have received positive feedback talking to many of our trading partners. The new tool is welcomed and is already used for sales conversations.

Why did your company implement OFML data? Which benefits do you see in the use of OFML?

OFML has gained wide acceptance in the office furniture industry. Nowadays, almost every manufacturer supports their trade partners with OFML data. This way, our customers are able to use all planning data with just one program while keeping their manufacturer data up to date with pCon.update.

How did your workflow change after the implementation of OFML data and EasternGraphics products? Which enhancements were reported by your colleagues?

Our plannings have gained in quality and the time needed for single planning projects has significantly decreased.

Using EasternGraphics solutions, PALMBERG is able to analyze and visualize the requirements and spatial possibilities of our customers in an even more professional way. Already before their purchase decision, they get the opportunity to “look around” in their new offices in order to get an impression of different furnishing possibilities. This way, we create modern and future-oriented office concepts that are a reason for looking forward to the office.

Have you been satisfied with the results?

As a user, it is fun to see how the tools are enhanced with every single update. But of course there will always be potential for improvements.

Nevertheless, there are still a few traders among our customers that are using pCon.planner 5. Many users shy away from pCon.planner 6 because it works in a different way, so that user training is necessary. Here, some persuasion has still to be done. Talking to our traders, I have noted that users that have already switched to pCon.planner 6 are favoring the new version and are delighted with the varied new possibilities it offers (such as the creation of special furniture, visualization, structuring of the stock list, layout, layer dialog etc -> neutral elements, convenient processing of ground plans and so on).

As a manufacturer active at the European market, Palmberg has a dense international distribution network. How do you support your traders with important sales information?

We use e-mail to keep our customers informed and our webpage to publish the most important sales data.
At the same time we offer our partners planning trainings. Our area managers give a closer understanding of EasternGraphics products directly on-site.

How many traders do receive their OFML data directly via Palmberg?

Every time we provide new data, we record approximately 700 downloads.

To what extend did the implementation chance the contact with your traders during order processing and fulfillment? Were there any changes to trader support?

Due to the fact that our traders use OFML data for their orders, errors are avoided already beforehand.

One last question: Which three attributes would you use to describe EasternGraphics services?

I would say that the cooperation between PALMBERG and EasternGraphics is flexible, based on partnership and uncomplicated. These attributes do also apply to our corporate philosophy and thus fit PALMBERG very well.

Thank you very much for your detailed answers. We are looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation.