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Dear users of pCon.planner,

our pCon.planner has been updated to version 7.1. It comes with a lot of new functions to simplify your work process. We have outlined the most important features below. If you want to read more on pCon.planner 7.1 as well as its new functions and improvements, please have a look at our website or our online help.
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Meeting the needs of individual customers

The new construction features of pCon.planner PRO let you meet your customers’ unique needs at the click of a mouse. Thanks to operations like merging and subtracting three-dimensional objects, the planning software provides you a wide variety of options for modifying existing products or designing new ones.
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Marking 3D models as wall objects

pCon.planner now allows you to mark any models as wall objects, after which lamps, calendars, sinks or shelves will stick to your walls like magnets. Visit the new catalog for wall objects that contains a preliminary selection of magnet-like objects such as light switches, electrical outlets, and network connections.
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Realistic materials make renderings look like photos

Photo-realistic renderings leave a big impression. In order that your computer-generated image looks like a real photo, you need good materials. That’s why the pCon.planner Material Editor offers an array of functions for editing colors, textures and normal maps.
Now you can create even more realistic materials by scaling normal maps regardless of textures.
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Stay informed

Our pCon blog will keep you posted with helpful and interesting information’s about the pCon.planner and the whole pCon family. You will never miss out on new catalogs or new features of pCon.planner. Also our professionals provide educational and helpful tips.
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