Technology Overview

One foundation, many processes

The OFML (Office Furniture Modelling Language) data standard is the basis of all pCon products. It enables the creation, automatized distribution and processing of product data throughout the whole process of configuration, quotation and presentation. OFML is  a proven standard always evoluting proven in different industries such as office and home furniture, healthcare solutions, industrial shelves, and several others.

A rewarding investment

For more than 15 years now, pCon technologies and OFML data  have been used for sales purposes by manufacturers and traders. Ever since, the data standard has remained the same. Nevertheless, the possibilities that come with the utilization of the OFML standard improve continuously. This is why an investment in OFML pays off even in the long term.

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What is OFML®?

The OFML data standard was initially developed by EasternGraphics on behalf of IBA - "Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt" (former BSO) the German association for office and work environment. Nowadays, even industries other than office furniture manufacturers benefit from this standard. OFML facilitates for the use of your product data for graphical configuration, space planning, proposal creation and communication purposes.

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