Data creation

Retain control

Stay flexible while maintaining full security and control. pCon.creator provides the basis on which you can create, maintain and manage your data. Create graphical data and commercial data in very short time, using the OFML standard. You decide which functions and structures are to be contained in your distribution data.

Save costs at the right end

Avoid unnecessary efforts when you are creating your data. Use the CAD data and product information that are already available in your company and enhance them by adding product rules, prices, textual and further information in order to maximize the benefits.

Your product data is the heart of your business, with our data creation and maintenance model you’ll have the flexibility needed to adapt your product to the market needs. Save time and money.

Build on quality

Establish a consistent data set with pCon.creator. We’ve integrated a series of functionalities to speed up the data creation process. Our powerful algorithms are able to identify the most common errors so that they can be fixed before deployment.

In today’s highly competitive and fast paced business environment a company has to be innovative and responsive to the market’s needs. Creating and maintaining high quality electronic data is essential for the success of your business.

See how you can distribute your OFML-Data