Space Planning

Interior design

pCon.planner enables you to present high-quality designs to your customers while saving time and resources. This powerful, yet easy to handle application will allow you to communicate your projects in exciting ways – renders, animations, panoramic and interactive images and many other ways. You’ll be saving and loading files directly in DWG format allowing compatibility with other solutions.

Renderings done with pCon.planner

Respond flexibly to customer requirements

Would a single chair look better in black or in gray? Or would green possibly be best? Your customers won’t have to rely on small color charts for their decision: With pCon.planner, whole rooms and design concepts can be created in 2D as well as in 3D. Your customers become their own interior architects, empowered to take the right decision. Avoid faulty orders, increase customer retention.

Download the space planning tool

Strengthen sales and distribution

pCon.planner enables you to shorten the time between client consultation and ordering. Layouts and drafts don’t have to be passed on from department to department. Our products enable your sales staff to design their own design concepts and to hand out drafts as early as at the first customer pitch. Even staff members with only basic CAD skills can create impressive designs after only a short training period.

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