Product Configuration

Give your partners confidence

pCon is a powerful graphical product configuration solution – it’s even in the name (product Configurator). It allows the specification and presentation of complex products in an easy and friendly way. Products can be easily configured following predefined rules ensuring that no specification errors are made. Your partners and sales staff will gain renewed confidence!

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Let your customers have a say

pCon.configurator makes product configuration a walk in the park. Your customers can create their individual product online on their tablets, smartphones or PCs. Due to our realtime 3D product preview, modifications become instantly visible. Nothing can go wrong – pCon solutions only allow for configurations that actually are on offer. Avoid complaints and gain satisfied  customers in the long run.

Customer Project

Optimize your processes

pCon.configurator makes processes quick and efficient – from client consultation to offer preparation. Prevent your orders from being corrupted by errors that are possibly not discovered before delivery. During the whole process of configuration, your product data is configured according to regulations. The automated transfer of order information is a further protection against mistakes.

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