SCHUPP GmbH & Co. KG is a company with a long tradition and a wide product range. The company started into the market more than 75 years ago with extracts and oils made from native plants. Today, aside from products for physiotherapy such as high quality massage products, oil baths or heat packs, the company also offers the right equipment – from therapy chairs to red light irradiators, water baths or function lifters to positioning aids and gymnastics articles. Effective quality management ensures that every product reflects our company motto “In good hands with SCHUPP”.

Our interview partner

We have talked to Siegfried Graumann from Schupp GmbH & Co. KG about the use of pCon.planner and the collaboration with EasternGraphics. Since 2008 Siegfried Graumann is sales representative for the regions Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and partly Thuringia and Lower Saxony. Additionally he is responsible for the creation of interior designs throughout Germany.

Interview – July 2013

Schupp GmbH & Co. KG produces products for physiotherapy, fitness and wellness. Which are the requirements software has to meet for an enterprise like this?

Generally software has to work cross-process, must be user-friendly and bug-free. A space planning software has to be flexible, compatible, user-friendly, fast and capable of providing high quality material for customer presentations.

How do you establish customer contact? How do new customers take notice?

Customer contact essentially is generated through our big network consisting of medical centres and therapy centres as well as external partners such as consulting and educational institutions and interior designers. Usually new customers notice us and our services through recommendations, buzz marketing as well as promotional activities such as our web presence, newsletters, flyers and special actions for instance telemarketing campaigns.

After contact is made, how is the further proceeding? Are there automated procedures and processes?

The most important principle for successful acquisition of new customers is to promptly fix a meeting, to provide professional consulting and comprehensive support to the customer. At this point the sales representatives work closely together with the in-house staff. A prompt and smooth information flow and data exchange is the fundament of a successful cooperation. If requested we provide a design concept to our clients.

In which of these areas of do you use pCon technology and since when? Can you name specific products you use?

We are using pCon technology, specifically the pCon.planner since May 2012 for interior and space planning.

How did you notice EasternGraphics and pCon as a brand?

In the beginning of 2012 I was searching the internet for an alternative to the software we used for interior design and space planning at that time.

Why did you decide on pCon?

Basically the reasons for using pCon.planner are: fast and stable creation of layouts, capability to comfortably insert and edit objects, high compatibility towards architectural plans, possibility to create quality presentation material for our clients.

Did you notice any difference in your daily business after you integrated pCon.planner in your business processes? Did your co-workers recognize any difference?

The creation of plans and designs is, grace to the extended possibilities, a bit more time-consuming. The outcomes, however, completely justify this extra time. All colleagues were impressed with the results.

Has the customer support changed after introducing pCon.planner? What is the customers’ feedback?

Yes, by now quality plans and designs created in pCon.planner support every sales representative on the job, helping them reach their goals!


How satisfied are you with pCon.planner?

After initial difficulties, which were fixed with updates and patches, I confirm that pCon.planner is an outstanding tool for designing interiors and visualizing products and objects. Even after excessive research I could not find any product that would compare to it.


Could you name a particular project which you could not have realized, if it wasn’t for pCon.planner?

As far as it concerns the regions I oversee, there are several projects that were successful thanks to the use of pCon.planner. The figures speak for themselves: Before implementing pCon.planner, the percentage of projects getting realized were at 50 percent, the rate of projects getting realized since we use pCon.planner is at 90 percent.

  Panoramic views created by pCon.planner

Thank you very much for your detailed answers. We are looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation.


Download an exemplary design by Schupp.