Training for pCon.xcad

EasternGraphics offers its users individual, small-group training sessions tailored to the specific needs of the company, industry and participants involved.

Advanced users can also make use of refresher courses and extension seminars on topics such as new software functionalities.

If interested in training, please allow us to prepare your own personal training package.

Schulung pCon.xcad

Practical training

The primary goal of training is to enable participants to make direct practical use of what they have learned, quickly turning their theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Each training program ends with a complex problem that participants solve on their own.

Training content could include

  • Basic principles
  • Accessing and using OFML data in AutoCAD
  • Configuring products directly in AutoCAD
  • Creating and administrating article lists
  • Creating quotes in conjunction with pCon.basket

For programs that build on one another, participants may not progress to successive levels of training until they have mastered the content of previous sessions. This is the only way of ensuring the quality of subsequent training.