The pCon.planner is a program for the planning of spaces and furnishings. Its high-end planning tools enable you to create complete 3D space plannings and to visualize them in photorealistic quality.

Main features

  1. Creation of 3D interior designs
  2. Access to millions of 3D models using pCon.catalog and the 3D gallery
  3. Compatible with different CAD data formats
    (dwg, dwt, dxf, sat, sab, 3ds, skp)
  4. Creation of photorealistic renderings like images, videos and panoramic views

Benefits - pCon.planner

Minimization of the amount of time needed for planning
Efficient workflow through richness of functions
Planning, designing and presenting with only one software
Easy transfer of data to other CAD programs through file import and export functions
A wide range of tools for presentation and visualization
Only little introductory training needed