Application Scenarios for the pCon.roomplanner

With the customizable pCon.roomplanner you can nearly do everything. You can integrate this individual planning tool into your website or corporate intranet. Simply focus on the functions most suitable for your needs by using the various configuration possibilities.

Following you find typical usage scenarios of the pCon.roomplanner:

Customer Acquisition and Customer Loyalty

Leads are the result of the users’ successful planning:

The pCon.roomplanner underlines the practical use of your products for prospects and customers. So it becomes another highlight on your website. You can monitor your success by analyzing the usage of the room planer, for example by monitoring how often a specific article is used for planning.

Attractive Service for User

More Traffic, a higher number of interactions:

The pCon.roomplanner is an easy-to-use room planning tool which you can provide to the visitors of your website. Instantly the users discover the possibilities of interior design and convert their ideas into concrete plannings. Therefore they spend more time on your website and are more likely to return.

Import of plans in pCon.planner

The transfer of the planning data to pCon.planner improves teamwork during the planning process:

End users transmit their interior ideas to design professionals; sales representatives pass their planning created online to the back office for further processing. Importing the interior planning in pCon.planner enables more detailed work. OFML articles included in the planning can be reconfigured. The smooth transfer of the data from pCon.planner to pCon.basket completes the process.

Support for Sales Purposes

Let orders result from the planning process:

The integration of the pCon.roomplanner into your shop system is possible. Articles can be configured and positioned in the planning. Then they are forwarded to your shop system or retail partner.

Optimization of Internal Processes

Connect departments, optimize work processes:

Staff members of your departments can insert the articles they need into plannings and order them directly. As a result of the easy handling of the pCon.roomplanner and its connection to your inventory management system, the workflow is improved and mistakes throughout the ordering procedures are minimized.