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The creation and implementation of office concepts and interior design are complex—you know that better than we do. Presentating them, by contrast, should be simple, with complexity being a show-stopper and the designs becoming solutions. Since a perfectly-created vision is only worth half as much if it’s not understandable to the viewer, interactive presentation techniques are increasingly in demand.

Virtual Reality is not just an ever-present topic, it also creates a particularly important product experience between the flow of information and customer involvement. In this edition, you’ll learn how your (potential) customers can dive from pCon.planner into another world at the click of a button. Plus, you’ll see how Sedus has already successfully integrated our VR solution into their sales process.

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VR – New Sales Quality Through Digital Consulting

More than a fad. VR is on everyone’s lips, or better said, before everyone’s eyes. Virtual reality may have started as a gimmick for tech fans, but these days, it not only offers attractive home entertainment for everyday buyers, it generates added value for the business world, too.
VR in the office furniture branch: Even if project presentations contained high-quality images, they were previously dependent on the imagination of those viewing them. VR closes this gap and opens up new ways of perception.

VR Plugin for pCon.planner. With the VR Viewer Plug-in for pCon.planner PRO, EasternGraphics offers an intuitive tool that brings entire plans or individual settings into the VR headset and, at the touch of a button, beams your customers directly into the space. Without words, customers can see how new furniture fits into a space and how it changes the room. In direct exchange, selected details as well as challenges can be pointed out and brought to the forefront. The advantage: joint development of design ideas promotes higher identification with the solution and can help avoid cost-intensive changes after a project has already been completed.

One plug-in, multiple use cases. Whether it’s being used for mobile customer presentations, as additional entertainment for showrooms or to bring product experiences to conferences and roadshows, the VR plug-in for pCon.planner can be implemented wherever your sales are taking place. The best part: With the Powerwall function, several people can dive into the design at the same time and experience the virtual world without a VR headset.

Digital consultation, real-world satisfaction. The VR solution from EasternGraphics is strong because:

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Can virtual reality also become a reality for your sales process? We’re here to help. Speak with our pCon consultants or send us an e-mail. We’ll make sure it’s forwarded to the appropriate contact person.

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VR and Sedus: 3D Plans, 3D Presentations

Sedus has long recognized the potential of consultation-enhancing presentation technology and relies on the convincing strength of virtual reality for customer presentations and showrooms, on both a national and international level.

Sustainable Presentation of Design Concepts. The use of VR technology has been integrated into the concept “Sedus Future Proof” by the Waldshuter office furniture manufacturer. The concept is a comprehensive service initiative that’s all about sustainability. Only after a detailed analysis of customer needs is the holistic office concept created, followed by its presentation in virtual reality. The charm behind it all: The customer is—in the true sense of the words—in the center of the action. Furniture and color schemes as well as viewing angles can all be chosen by the customer alone.

Presenting spatial concepts so realistically offers new perspectives and becomes the starting point for multi-faceted feedback. Virtual reality guarantees sustainable customer satisfaction. In other words, it’s future proof.

Making interior concepts a tangible experience: Sedus count on Virtual Reality in their showrooms. © Sedus Stoll AG
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Strengthen Sales with the pCon VR Package

Thanks to VR solutions from EasternGraphics, Sedus is “well-equipped for the future”. The VR Viewer Plug-in for pCon.planner PRO is the ideal addition to your 3D room planner. With just the click of the mouse, you can turn your pCon.planner plans into virtual reality presentations.

Interested in creating immersive presentation experiences for your customers?

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