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High-quality product content is essential for a successful sale. Both quick access to information and, most importantly, consistency within the information landscape, are the foundation for sales, commerce and business partners. The question is: How does the relevant content get where it needs to be?

Mobile apps such as pCon.box and pCon.facts allow manufacturers the opportunity to provide their networks with product information that not only goes far beyond OFML, but is also available 24/7 to self-selected user groups worldwide. A new version of pCon.box is now available and we’re here to tell you all the new features you can expect. Even more important, you’ll learn how you can provide your network with high-quality product information.

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pCon.box – New Version Available Now

More quality in product and furnishing consultation. With the pCon.box, your network has a mobile instrument for expert advice at the point of sale. You can interactively create suitable room solutions for your customers and, thanks to modern features like augmented reality, impressively present them.

A Highlight: Whether you’re dealing with inspirational images, detailed marketing brochures, certificates or assembly instructions - to name a few - you’ll not only have valuable product information for consultations, but you can digitally share it, too. It’s an optimal way for you as a manufacturer to provide everyone in your network with relevant information for their daily business.

Quality Product Information: Inspirations

A new version of the app is now available, bringing with it a new look and feel as well as information-driven usability. Here’s a look at the most important updates:

  • Quick Catalog Access, Quick in Conversation
    Open the app and get started—an optimized workflow will guide the user directly into the planning area and one step closer to manufacturer catalogs. An overview of previously-used manufacturers saves you from long searches and timely scrolling through your favorite brands. 
  • Comfortable Access to Detailed Product Information
    Context-dependent tools provide the most suitable information at the right time: Select an article and you’ll immediately have all of its product information at your fingertips. In the next chapter, you’ll learn how you can make valuable additional information available for your network.
  • Present Complexity with Ease
    With support from the latest version of OAP (OFML Aided Planning), interactive configuration of more complex products on your smartphone or tablet becomes the visual highlight of any consultation. Combined with an improved AR mode, you’re guaranteed to impress.
We’ve compiled all new features for you and your sales team here.
PDF: "New in pCon.box"
Don't have the app yet?
Download pCon.box on the App Store Get pCon.box on Google Play
*Note: An update for Windows and the newest web version will be available soon.

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Strengthen Business with Relevant Content

High-quality product information makes all the difference. The demand for first-class product information is on the rise. Both B2B and B2C businesses are increasingly required to provide partners and customers with better access to content as well as a more immersive product experience to promote revenue, satisfaction and customer loyalty. For this purpose, complex, high-quality product information that goes far beyond OFML has emerged. The question now is: How can such a large amount of information, like marketing materials, technical documents and certificates, be made readily available to various user groups?

Make the jump from data to digital communication. Whether it’s for the sales representative at the point of sale, the person processing the order back in the office or the partner at the architectural firm: pCon tools bring the right information from your PIM-System (or other storage system) to where it needs to be. To do this, we’ve provided a standard interface for pCon applications that can be completely self-determined and set by the manufacturer.

Digital Value Creation

Not Using a PIM System?

With our pCon.cloud service - PIM system, we offer a ready-to-use product information system. The foundation for this is a professional, open-source PIM system that is hosted, maintained and secured by us. This tailor-made solution has a standard structure making it easy for you to access the central organization of valuable information and easier than ever to make the information available through apps like pCon.box and pCon.facts.

Good to know:

  • No installation is required. Our product information management system is based on web technology and can be used immediately.
  • An intuitive user interface and pre-defined templates make structuring and maintaining data easy, even for those using a PIM system for the first time.

Provide your sales team and retailers with all essential and sales-relevant data and information!

Contact us today. We’re here to help!

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Set an Appointment and See for Yourself

Don’t simply want to read about it, but would also like to learn first-hand how you can use your smartphone for interactive product presentations at the point of sale and how you can improve your consultation skills in the long term?

Or maybe you just have questions on how to get your product information in the app?

Make an appointment directly with your pCon advisor or send us an e-mail. We’ll make sure that your inquiry is forwarded to the correct partner.

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