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The year is still young but it seems clear already that 2018 is going to be an exciting one. Before we focus on the upcoming innovations, though, we would like to thank our partners and customers for their ongoing trust and support. We wish you and your families a happy and successful year 2018 and look forward to new, exciting projects with you.

One trend that is carried over from the last years to 2018 – the year of ORGATEC – is smart living and working. New working environments emerge which are characterized by flexibility, connectivity – digitalization for short – and provide space for a new working culture. You, as the suppliers of tomorrow’s workspaces, can look forward to smart planning, configuration and quotation solutions from EasternGraphics.

In this edition, read more about OAP – an innovative interaction concept for the well-proven OFML standard, about how you can impress with 3d models and panoramas and how settings in PEC format enhance your OFML catalogs.

Your EasternGraphics Team

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OAP – Planning Modular Furniture

Modular furniture systems become increasingly popular. The demand for upscale specific solutions is growing as customers are asking for tailored furniture: Unique items that match the respective workspace and way of live. Modular elements, combinable like blocks of Lego, are answering this demand. They provide an endless range of variants and individual arrangements.

LO Next by Lista
One system, many solutions: LO Next by Lista. Image source

But especially where complex system furniture is in the focus, intelligent planning logic is required. Heavyweight information needs to be processed lightly - and increasingly on the Web.

OAP – OFML Aided Planning. A new concept in the OFML data creation allows the interactive 3D configuration of complex items – with one data version in pCon.planner and pCon.box. Predefined interactors are selected with just one touch to configure properties of a product or to add respectively remove elements - Intuitively manageable planning for an enhanced user experience.

OAP can be used to build data that contains complex rules and that can be consistently processed in pCon.planner and pCon.box without changes.

OAP is based on the OFML core technology and can be combined with the standard data creation. The solution is already live in the pCon.box and will be integrated in the upcoming pCon.planner version. If you have questions about OAP, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At this point we would like to thank Lista Office for being available as a pilot customer for the implementation of their project (LO Next).

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OFML Catalog: Make it Matter

Supporting retailers through planning solutions in OFML catalogs. With the new exchange format PEC (see also “PEC connects designer and consultant”), manufacturers can incorporate typicals into their OFML catalogs. This way, they’re not only showing individual articles, but are also able to communicate solution proposals within their commercial networks. Such planned solutions make it possible for the sales team to develop high-quality furnishing concepts efficiently and to incorporate specific product knowledge directly into their customer interactions.

Planning solutions always up-to-date. Like single articles, settings must always be up-to-date: which variants of the articles are available, what are the current prices – whoever advises customers must be able to make reliable statements. So how to maintain the typicals? For this, the free Article Update Plugin for pCon.planner PRO has the answer. Using this plugin, entire folders can be automatically converted into the appropriate format (PEC) and updated.

Professional users can download the Article Update Plugin in the EasternGraphics forum (X3G-ArticleUpdate 1.4). The created content can easily be integrated into the catalog with the pCon.creator 2.14 and is then available for further processing in all relevant pCon products.

Increase the relevance of your OFML catalog with configurable planning solutions. The integration of planning solutions into the OFML catalog means little additional effort for your database, but offers a smart opportunity to bring product sophistication into the sales network and therefore to the customers. This increases professionalism and sales velocity.

Do you have questions about the Article Update Plugin or the new exchange format PEC? Let us know. We’d be happy to help you discover the potential of your OFML catalogs!

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pCon.update becomes global

pCon.update has established itself as a service for the distribution of OFML data and pCon applications in the market. Now it's time to take the next step.

On February 19, 2018, the manufacturer list for so-called marketing user accounts will open. This means that dealers have the option of requesting further data releases directly via a manufacturer selection. Or otherwise: the visibility of the OFML catalogs and thus their reach is increased.
At the same time, all marketing user accounts are assigned to an EasternGraphics service partner, from whom users can receive technical support.
Before the conversion, affected account holders will be provided with further information via e-mail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the pCon.update team!

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impress – Professionally Presenting Interior Designs

Impress with your design. Great designs deserve to be seen from all perspectives. But there’s more: They want to be explored. impress brings your 360° panoramas and 3D models alive and makes it easy for you to share your ideas with other people. For a literally vivid impression.

Try out now

Pimp your presentation. An interior design is not just chic, but exactly the solution that the customer expects from you. Professional planners and interior designers know that there are many ideas and even more clicks between a first sketch and the final draft – which makes it all the more important that even the smallest of details in the design find their place in the presentation. How does it work? Add emotional highlights to your presentation and invite people to interactively explore your designs! 360° panoramas and 3D models from the pCon.planner are suited best for this.

Spherical images convey a sense of space with a 360° view. And with just one click, the VR mode is activated for the special experience. Planning ©Haworth

And this is how impress lets your design talk for itself. All you need to share your ideas or use them for impressive presentations is a public link to your 360 ° panorama (JPG, PNG) or 3D model (PEC file). Such a link is e.g. generated by cloud services (Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive): save your media, share the link and enter them into impress.
Once the content is in the viewer, various functions are available for further use via the impress menu. Whether embedded (as in this article) or as eye candy in Sway presentations e.g. – you will surely leave a vivid impression!

impress is a viewer for sperical panoramas and 3D models that aims to enliven your design, invites to interactively explore it and makes it easy to share and embed your ideas. See for yourself how easy impress is to use.

Get ready to impress! Let your design speak for itself. You are interested in a customized solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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OFML data in Autodesk® Revit®

With the pCon Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®, intelligent furniture models such as various product configurations including commercial information can now be transferred from pCon.planner into your Revit® projects. You can create export files in the new RGFX format in pCon.planner PRO and easily load them into your Revit® plan with help of the plugin. In addition to geometries, the most important article information will be transferred as Revit® Families. As a result, Revit® users now have OFML data and configurations available for any plan. The latest version of the plugin also supports Revit 2018.

Download and further information can be found on the EasternGraphics webpage.

Benefits pCon.catalog Plugin für Autodesk® Revit®
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New Branch in Turkey

EasternGraphics is expanding its sales network by establishing a new branch in Turkey. The managing director, Mr. Caglar Özgür, had been working in the company’s headquarter in Ilmenau and most recently as product manager for pCon.planner. He has now returned to his homeland and takes responsibility for handling customers from Turkey and the Middle East with industry-specific expertise supported by an extensive experience involving graphical configuration and innovative 3D planning.

EasternGraphics – Sales Area Turkey & Middle East

EasternGraphics Software Services Ltd.
Balçova / İzmir
Tel.: +90 546 565 05 23

EasternGraphics locations in Europe. Recent addition to the family: our subsidiary based in Izmir, Turkey.
An overview of all EasternGraphics offices and our sales partners in Germany and abroad can be found here.
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