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With digital assistance making its move into the service and sales landscape, not only has the communication between the sales staff and customer changed immensely, but so too have the opportunities of cooperation within the sales team as well as between the manufacturer and its retailers. While the sales team works to understand the aspects of mobility and speed, particularly between the in-house and in-the-field sales teams, manufacturers are focusing on topics such as the transfer of product knowledge and the strengthening of retail in face-to-face business.

These issues have also made their way into our work. The result is a powerful connection between our pCon applications and their users: PEC. In this edition, you can read how this cooperation helps bring planning solutions from the plan to the point of sale, and how this can bring more value to each OFML catalog

Plus, we’re once again focusing on the concept of holistic room planning, designs that can only function properly with the help of acoustic planning.

Your EasternGraphics Team

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In-house and In-the-Field: Unbeatable Together

Starting point for solutions. Wherever complex product knowledge is concerned, the right amount of detail and focus is also required. Customers expect impressive presentations of solutions tailor-made to their needs, and such success all starts with preparation. After all, those who have access to sophisticated planning solutions during their presentation, rather than individual products, will reach their customer solution goal that much faster.

From the plan to the customer pitch. Thanks to the new exchange format (PEC), typicals can be transferred from pCon.planner into the pCon.box – and therefore directly to the point of sale – and further edited. This offers the in-house sales team the opportunity to prepare and configure individual, detailed planning solutions before the actual customer pitch. These can then be presented by the sales representative in the field on his or her tablet and can be further customized to fit the particular needs of the customer. With this feature, the settings created in the room planner can be saved to any cloud, transferred and then loaded into any pCon.box project using the import function or can be opened as a new project – in the configuration created in pCon.planner, of course.

Typicals created in pCon.planner can be further edited and used for presentations in all other pCon applications. This video shows how a solution can be imported from the planner into pCon.box, and therefore to the point of sale – presentation-ready thanks to the transfer of all plan details. Thanks to ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL for that inspiration.

PEC – Archive format with internal value and external effect. The exchange of entire planning solutions creates a stronger connection between the internal and external sales teams. Of course, the sales representative who prefers to plan in pCon.planner while also utilizing mobile technology during the customer pitch can also benefit.

The pCon Exchange Container (or PEC) not only brings value to face-to-face customer communication, but also to order processing. This archive format supports graphic and commercial data – as well as manual articles – and functions as a link between all pCon applications, both on and offline. That means the planning solutions aren’t limited to use within the pCon.box, but also for further processing in the pCon.basket and the room planner itself – both as an import and an OFML catalog (see next article).

PECs created in pCon.planner can be further processed in all other pCon applications. For example, the pCon.basket can revert the OBX data contained in the archive format and can automatically display all available commercial data in the article list.
Further technical information regarding PEC have been summarized here. For questions regarding the exchange format and how it can be used in individual pCon applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Business Support Through Solution-Oriented OFML Catalogs

How much product sophistication reaches the customer? In the end, products are sold when the customer presentation is a success. More often than not, these presentations don’t portray the products themselves, but rather reach the customer through complete solutions that fit their individual needs. Such solutions generally consist of various products that can be combined in a variety of ways. It’s an aspect that retailers are highly familiar with – after all, without the right channel, translating product knowledge into a language the customer understands can be quite difficult.

Supporting sales with customizable planning solutions. With the new exchange format PEC (see previous article), manufacturers have the opportunity to incorporate typicals into their OFML catalogs. This way, they’re not only showing individual articles, but are also able to communicate solution proposals within their commercial networks. Such planned solutions make it possible for the sales team to develop high-quality furnishing concepts efficiently and to incorporate specific product knowledge directly into their customer interactions.

One version, a variety of uses. You may be asking yourself about the creation, editing and maintenance of such typicals. For this, the free Article Update Plugin for professional users has the answer. The integration of planning solutions into the OFML catalog means only a small amount of additional effort for your database. Using this plugin, entire folders can be automatically converted into the appropriate format and updated – error log included. The created content can be easily integrated into the catalog with the upcoming version of pCon.creator and is available for further processing in all relevant pCon products. The article for the update plugin will be available following the new release of pCon.creator.

No single image can bring the knowledge of a complete product solution to the point of sale – a typical, on the other hand, tells an entire story. Increase the relevance of your OFML catalog with configurable planning solutions. The added value is clear, and we’re happy to summarize it once more:

  • Convenient knowledge transfer from the manufacturer to the commercial network 
  • Increased professionalism during sales through speed and creativity

Do you have questions about the Article Update Plugin or the new exchange format PEC? Let us know. We’d be happy to help you discover the potential of your OFML catalogs!


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pCon.box Appdate! New Version for Your Sales Network

The new version of pCon.box is now available for sales-reps in the face-to-face business. Not only does it bring whole planning solutions to the point of sale, but it also provides additional new features. Here is a short summary of the highlights:

  • Importing the Entire Solution. Solutions created in pCon.planner can be easily and quickly imported into pCon.box thanks to a new exchange format (PEC). In addition to graphic representation, this format also includes commercial data. That means there’s nothing standing in your way of further processing the information within the sales app – both before the sale and with the customer.

  • Leave Your business card. Those creating solutions can leave more than just an impression. Professional users can now look forward to branding their creations, as well. Article lists, images, etc. will be furnished with the user’s name and organization.

  • From product selection to calculation. Thanks to a new Excel export, article lists can be transferred into Excel and further edited on request.

  • Visualization without 3D geometries. The new version of pCon.box also supports purely commercial articles without 3D visualization. Articles consisting solely of text and image information are inserted into the plan as small markers, and can be positioned like any other 3D model. The catalog image is also shown in the article list.

  • From pCon.box into AR and other apps. Graphical symbols (DWG,3DS, FBX) from your plan can be opened in other apps directly from the pCon.box.
Learn more about the new features and use cases over the next few days on the pCon-Blog.

Your Data in Your Sales Network

Show your sales representatives how they can use OFML data at the point of sale. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, with manufacturer data on hand, consultants can professionally present products to their customers, operate more transparently for the in-house sales team and take a more partner-oriented approach within the network.

Feel free to click on the image to load the pCon.box presentation, or download the source file to customize it for your company!

Informationen on pCon.box for your sales network
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Competitive Factor: Room Acoustics

Acoustical room design within the branch. The noise level too high, speech intelligibility too low – the idea that room acoustics have a decisive influence on work productivity and a person’s well-being is undisputed and has long become an important topic within the branch. Wherever 2-person offices have been replaced with open-office concepts, and creative, collaboration zones have become the norm, the need for acoustic furniture and designs has increased. Office furniture manufacturers are winning over customers thanks to smart products with sound-absorbent functions. The question now is: How can this knowledge of acoustics be better placed within the sales process and how can customers be best advised on their way to a tailor-made solution?

It’s a topic that has been discussed and promoted for some time by the IBA - Industrieverband für Büro und Arbeitswelt. Under the association’s leadership (at the time BSO), the acoustic plugin for pCon.planner was created. There is now an extended solution, allowing for the detailed calculation and visualization of large scale office parameters.

Noise causes stress

New exchange format bridges the gap between planner and acoustic specialist. When it comes to determining the acoustic quality of a room, and in turn the arguments for or against a furnishing design in front of customers, planners from industry and trade are more than happy to rely on the expertise of well-established acoustic partners.

With the latest version of pCon.planner PRO, a new transfer format that allows for the efficient exchange of planning information between the pCon room planner and CadnaR (room acoustic simulation software) – and thus between office planners and acoustic specialists – is now available. Planners create their spatial design as usual, and can then transfer the complete plan to an acoustics specialist. The planner will then receive a sound report (i.e. a performance package from our partners at Schall & Raum) as well as detailed room acoustic results as a voxel grid file (CNIVG). By importing this file into the original plan (pCon.planner), the acoustic parameters can be visualized and edited in the form of an interactive map display. The acoustical room calculations are available in both the planning and layout areas.

This video visualizes the acoustic parameters (calculated in CadnaR) in pCon.planner PRO, including graphics generation. A clear argument for sales consultants.

Combine expertise, create synergy. With the intersection between pCon.planner and CadnaR, the work of both the planner and acoustics expert goes hand in hand. The exchange of acoustic know-how within the sales process – and thus a better understanding of a space’s sound technology by the customer – can be integrated into the consultation process. Office furnishing is more than a purely visual decision. Whenever people come together, there has to be an integrated solution that can acoustically solve the specific “problems” of the room. High-quality acoustic consultancy, a more successful sales experience.

P.S.: pCon.planner 7.6 is packed full of great new features. See for yourself!

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Your OFML Data for Tomorrow’s Planning Professionals

Future interior designers and architects want to plan – and they’d love to use your manufacturer data!

For some time, EasternGraphics has provided free access to pCon.planner PRO for the training of specialist planners. Starting from Winter Semester 2017/18, we would also like to make OFML data available for these students for the first time. Want to take part? If so, you can contact your pCon representative or send us an e-mail. We’ll be sure to forward your inquiry to the correct sales partner.

Once you’ve contacted us, here’s how the process will work:You will receive a request through pCon.update regarding data release. Please keep an eye out for a message from EasternGraphics (Education). You can then decide if and which data inventory you would like to make available for training purposes.

OFML Data for Tomorrow’s Planning Professionals

With your permission, planners will be able to fully access your OFML articles for planning in pCon.planner PRO. The advantage for you? Tomorrow’s planning professionals are already learning the tools of the trade and – not to be overlooked – are doing so with your products! You’ll be making a valuable contribution to the training of the next generation of planners.

The Facts at a Glance

  • Your data available for tomorrow’s professionals
  • No additional costs
  • Controlled data access through pCon.update

What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your product portfolio in the hands of tomorrow’s industry professionals – secure your furniture’s place in the future!

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