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Smart products should always be presented in “intelligent” ways. The biggest challenge here being to intelligently present a solution while simultaneously describing it with ease. With visual configuration systems, you can communicate (product) knowledge in a fun way, as the fundamental idea is that it’s much faster to convey information through images as opposed to text. Take Sedus for example, who is able to present complex information in a simple manner, without compromising on aspects such as service and information distribution.

The fact that a great deal of time has been spent on these and similar solutions is without question – from the idea through to the implementation and practical use. We dare to say that the ease of use for such serious challenges is a solution in itself. This is exactly why we want to provide you with guidelines for the following strategic topics, so that nothing stands in your way: Multiple Price Lists and the Revit® Plugin.

In addition, you can also read about the improved print setting you can expect with the new pCon.planner as well as test the current version of the Online Basket.

Have fun!

Your EasternGraphics Team

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pCon all dressed up and ready for ORGATEC

With the motto “New visions of work” and a full list of events and activities, this year’s ORGATEC promises to be a stimulating trade fair once again.

Connect.Configure.Create. – a statement on ORGATEC! Those who know pCon are familiar with the processing solutions and can appreciate the integrity of the products – but we’re willing to bet you’ll love pCon just as much in its new guise. Sending a quick email here, quickly ordering something there – the whole world thinks online…the whole world IS online. And with that, we’re focusing all of our attention for this year’s ORGATEC on Online Solutions! Together with our partners as well as our sister companies, we’ll present these live under the motto Connect.Configure.Create.

Stop by and experience THE industry event.

Visit us at ORGATEC!
Visit us at ORGATEC!
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Double Points for Product Presentation

With our eyes on ORGATEC, the development of our online solutions is in full swing. As completely new solutions continue to emerge for other products, developments for our online configurator are well under way. The particular focus for both is presentation – a theme that has increasingly gained importance for design-oriented manufacturers and is always calling out for new ideas and solutions. After all, grabbing the customer’s attention is the first step to a sale!

Presentation Quality is Key. There is clearly a great deal of work that goes into creating both functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture. For those who understand this, and are looking to present all of the benefits and details of the products, this work applies to both sampling and the many possible variations of a product. This is where the opportunities and challenges of photo-realistic renderings are closely related. 

The online configurator offers several features that help to optimally present your complete product portfolio online. The most beautiful among them is, without question, high-quality 3D presentation: without words, yet completely comprehensible and on demand. We have developed a special technique that equally takes into account both quality and performance. The result: an optimized representation of materials. Take a look for yourself!

Quality despite variety
Quality despite variety – because OFML isn’t just a standard, but can stoke emotion as well. This picture shows an Orangebox chair.

Heavy-set info - lightweight drawings. As impressive as photorealistic images are, sometimes a different form of presentation is necessary. After all, projects tend to have different needs depending on their overall goals. Therefore, a clear presentation of a top or front view, for example, is an adequate means to depict modular systems visually yet focused. This form of presentation is just as conceivable when it comes to space solutions, which is collectively more than the simple sum of your products.

With the online configurator, high-quality drawings can be created at the touch of a button, on demand and as desired, with dimensioning and title blocks. Plus, since vector graphics are used, you can scale the drawings without losing quality. Whether using print or digital form, or printing in any size, nothing stands in your way.

The online configurator serves aesthetic and pragmatic needs. On Piure’s website you can download 3d models for your 3d designs as well as pictures including dimensions.

Our customers have shown us again and again that although application scenarios couldn’t be more different, the extreme importance of images in the sales process is indisputable. That goes for online presentation or providing images for download. Even Sedus backs this argument: in addition to a descriptive and informative product presentation on its own website, the company also offers the possibility to download a configuration in various image sizes – as well as description text and CAD models. Exactly how the Sedus solution looks, you can read directly after this article.

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Sedus – Product Configuration for Every Need

Big purchases – both professional and private – almost always start with a simple internet search. Providing products with a suitable platform that in turn promotes online visibility is therefore more important than ever.

With the relaunch of its new company website, Sedus has done exactly that. Friendly, modern and with just the right amount of “try it yourself” opportunities, the site introduces visitors to the world of office and commercial furniture – it’s exciting, informative and influential.

The product in sight, the user in focus. The company’s web presence is dominated with big images, videos and concrete text, and right in the middle: the leightweight Configurator, a tool for easy configuration, allowing users to visualize the products. Colors, materials, headrests – everything that is visually relevant can be adjusted with the click of a button. Depending on the user’s selections, a customized image is then displayed. The combination of previously rendered images and those generated in real-time, as well as a clearly designed interface will keep you wanting more.

Product configuration on Sedus' website
Product characteristics are continually presented in the lightweight. If the users like what they see, they can switch to the "normal" configurator and download the CAD model.

What else can you expect? Sales professionals, product experts and planners looking for CAD models can switch to the configurator and go into detail. The chosen features will of course be transferred, as the same technique lies behind them: pCon.configurator Online, or in other words OFML. The possibility to download the CAD models in the same CAD format that the user needs, from DWG to 3DS and SKP, is available. Data for Revit® is also in progress.

In addition to the variety of 3D data that Sedus offers, users also get descriptive texts and configuration images in various resolutions – from compact images for emails to the highest possible resolution for HD presentations.

Bundled Expertise – Maximized Usability. The cooperation between Sedus and EasternGraphics is the prime example of target group focus and user-friendliness combined with high technological standards. Just how deep users immerse themselves in the configuration, which configurator they choose and, if necessary, which media they use to generate with it depends on the objective and purposes of each particular user.  Whether using 3D models for interior design in a CAD program, or quickly orienting oneself before visiting a retailer, the website provides uncomplicated solutions for anyone who visits it.

If you would like more information on the pCon.configurator Online, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Multiple Price Lists, Multiple Questions, Answers.

While the configuration possibilities of products often remain the same from year to year, prices themselves are regularly changing. The use of multiple pricelists is now the technical answer as well as the simultaneous link between various pCon solutions. So, how far away are you from actually implementing the use of data inventories with multiple pricelists? With as little guidance, you’ll be on your way!

We received a great deal of feedback in regards to our article on multiple price lists from our last newsletter edition: undoubtedly an important industry solution has emerged, but until now it has been missing a proper guideline for practical implementation. This document for multiple price lists therefore works to provide answers to the essential questions regarding the implementation of such price lists into everyday work practice: from the idea through to its usability with pCon applications, you can find all the details you are looking for here.

Already taken a look and still have some questions? We’re here to help. Simply send us an email.

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Improved Printouts

After planning comes presentation. Generating high-quality printouts and PDF files has always been a market requirement. With this, not only is the quality of the resulting printout important, but also the freedom to print the exact format you want – and to make the entire process as easy as possible through user-friendly interactions.

The new pCon.planner 7.3 is already in the starting blocks, and in addition to new features, its looking to bring considerable printing improvements along with it. Wanting to know exactly what to expect from the new release? Have a look below. 

It all starts with… Vector Graphics. Users can now benefit in many ways from a new method for generating vector graphics. On one hand, the file size as well as the required memory space for exporting have been condensed. On the other hand, rendering times will be reduced, despite improvements in quality. With this, even large plans are razor sharp and printed quickly – there’s no compromise between quality and performance. The secret lies in the further use of vector printing.

Whereas by conventional image printing, in which you might experience a staircase effect when zooming in on your plan – i.e. the image is pixelated – images are now as sharp as if in real life. This is the result of a new printing process that combines images and vector printing, therefore ensuring optimal viewing regardless of scaling. This mixed process is a default setting, and is applicable for all render modes and styles. 

A combination of image and vector printing ensures a sharply printed result from here on out – despite scaling, the image quality remains the same.

pCon.planner 7.3 in April. With the release of pCon.planner 7.3 just around the corner, you’ll soon be able to test the printing method for yourself. For those looking for more details on new functions, you can find further information at our pCon.blog. Here you’ll find regularly posted tips and tricks.

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Revit® Plugin Just Around the Corner

Over the years Revit® has established itself as an adequate CAD program for architects and designers. Increasingly, it has also become THE work tool for facility managers – not least this file format is often mentioned in the same breath as BIM (Building Information Modeling), which works to optimize the planning and management of building. With that, the need for a solution in which manufacturer’s data in OFML format is enabled for planning in Revit® is clearly apparent.

With the pCon Plugin for Revit®, intelligent furniture models, such as various product configurations, including commercial information, can now be transferred from pCon.planner into your Revit® projects. You can therefore create export files in the new RGFX format in pCon.planner PRO and, with help from the plugin, can easily load them into your Revit® plan.  In addition to geometries, the most important article information will be transferred as Revit® Families. As a result, Revit® users now have OFML data and its respective configurations available for any plan.

For questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@pcon-planner.com

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Web-Based Quotation Tool Comes of Age

Timeliness, process reliability and uncomplicated handling of manufacturer data are necessities when it comes to the transmission of electronic order information during the purchasing process. Not only is end-customer service crucial for a successful outcome, but the quality of the process itself, often hidden to the end user, is also vital – as long as the process remains efficient and error-free, that is. Keeping this in mind and with the self-defined goal to reach optimum efficiency among those involved in the process, we develop our solutions with the help of feedback and input from practical experience – this includes our web-based quotation tool.

With that said, a demo version for the latest update of the online basket is now available. Take advantage of the opportunity and test the new functions for yourself. These include:

  • Image upload for user-defined articles, set articles and folders
  • Importing OBX files into projects
  • Editing discount descriptions on the header calculation level
  • Inserting page breaks
  • Position settings for image printing
Test the Web-Based Quotation Tool
Check out the latest version of pCon.basket Online!

Take a look!
You can freely choose a username, the password is: demo2016

More information on pCon.basket Online can be found in this article or is available upon request.

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