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Dear Readers,

As always – and we are extremely happy about it – another exciting and work-intensive year is behind us. Over the year, we worked together with you on the advancement of our products and the meticulous development of so many innovations. We are particularly excited about the great encouragement we received regarding our online configuration tool as well as the confidence of those who dared to play the role of pilot customer, working with us on the development of future products and services. As for 2016, we can promise it won’t be a boring one. It’s the year of ORGATEC, meaning a year of solution generation!

In this edition, you will read how products from Leuwico, as well as others, can be presented online – including the use of configuration as a service and sales tool. In addition, we have great news regarding multiple pricelists as well as a not-so-secret tip for our users on how pCon.update services can make using your data even more efficient.

With that said, we would like to thank all of our customers and partners for the confidence they have placed in us these past years, as well as the creativity and support they have provided. We wish you and your family a happy and successful 2016, and look forward to working with you.

Enjoy reading!
Your EasternGraphics Team

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All Roads Lead to ORGATEC

ORGATEC is not just the highlight of the year for the sector, but it is also an opportunity for visitors to inform themselves in detail about the latest trends and topics in the office furniture sector. Under this year's exhibition motto "NEW VISIONS OF WORK,", every aspect of the world of work will be investigated in the halls of the Koelnmesse Trade Fair Centre, with a special focus on individual solutions.

As in previous years, we will be participating at ORGATEC together with our partners and subsidiaries in order to present the latest innovations from the world of pCon products and services. We will send you more details about our presentations in time.

We look forward to welcoming a great many visitors to our stand and warmly invite you to drop by! The trade fair is open to visitors daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Tip: Take a look at the ORGATEC NEWS blog  from time to time (only available in German). Here you can find regular updates on the latest topics in the sector.

Visit us at ORGATEC!
Visit us at ORGATEC!
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Desired Furniture from LEUWICO at the Push of a Button

Service is key. As new technologies rapidly become a part of everyday life, buying behavior evolves as well. Nowadays, more and more is accomplished online, from product and information searches to the ordering process itself. In order to meet these changes, online services, in which visitors are informed and included and confidence and trust is established, are vital. Constant availability of these services also goes without saying. LEUWICO has mastered these challenges tremendously.

As an office furniture company rich in tradition, LEUWICO has made a name for itself producing ergonomic tables and storage room solutions with first-class design and flawless functionality. With its new website, LEUWICO has impressively demonstrated how tradition and modernity can be wonderfully combined.

Modern and customer oriented. Being friendly, clear and precise, the tradition-rich firm has seen interest on their new homepage as well as their new Online Shop, which includes an integrated configurator. Here, visitors can easily put together their own custom table and, with just a few quick mouse clicks, immediately place an order.

Go to LEUWICO's Online Shop!
With the Online Configurator from LEUWICO, users can create their desired furniture step by step and immediately place an order.

LEUWICO’s simple configurator starts with the option to select a product line. The southern German company currently has three furniture series available for its online configurator. Once the user has selected a series, they then have the ability to choose the desired modifications.

Measurements, materials, and accessories… everything can be adapted to a customer’s needs and all changes are immediately visible. After just a few clicks, users have a completely custom product that can be directly ordered online. Thanks to on-demand generated images and real-time price adjustments, customers always have a complete overview of their selections.

What more does a service need? LEUWICO serves its customers from their wish lists all the way to their complete order, with service representatives always on hand. With online-supported sales, modern customer service like this is the way of the future.

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Multiple Price Lists

New year, new prices. A new (manufacturer) year doesn’t only bring new resolutions, but often, it brings changes in price lists as well. In the past, those who wanted to create timely offers for future price lists had to depend on their own creativity and had to go out of their way to make it happen. So, it’s no surprise that the need for support of multiple price lists – especially when it comes to the optimal handling of such seasonal scenarios – has steadily and significantly been on the rise.

New year, new possibilities. Various versions of particular data can now be edited simultaneously or in more detail: With an OFML data inventory, several pricelists can be created and processed. In practice, this means that the manufacturer is now able to distribute a data inventory with various prices. The user (retailer) can easily generate offers for future price lists by providing a particular date, or can just as easily create an offer based on an older price list.

pCon applications are ready. Are you? pCon applications, particularly pCon.planner, pCon.basket, and the pCon.configurator have been prepared accordingly and multiple pricelists will be supported in the spring version. The standard data for this can already be created with the current version of pCon.creator (Release 2015). For this, a management layer for organizing the price lists will be implemented and the import/export functions extended accordingly. An adjusted GUI will ensure clarity and accommodate the maintenance of the price lists.

For you as a manufacturer, the implemented solutions carry no risks: They are convenient and practical for current pCon applications, existing interfaces for third-party systems such as ERP systems have been expanded and are compatible, and you have the power to choose how to put them to use.

If you’re interested in being a pilot user, simply contact us at info@easterngraphics.com.

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pCon.update – Organization is Half the Service

Internet services are becoming increasingly indispensable. Rarely does a manufacturer complete a sale without using the internet at some point during the sales process. Whether they are looking to present a product through visual showrooms, to complete an order, or to simply inform a customer about the nearest retailer, the bottom line is always the same: service!

For those who are using pCon.update for the distribution of their data, service begins long before the end customer and is an essential building block in process optimization regarding the sale of a product. Users appreciate the secure, self-authorized and convenient distribution of their data – always up to date and available at any time. Online service shows offline strength.

Data management means making data useful. Providing data is one thing, but did you know that you can easily improve the usability of your data and, as a result, optimize your sales process? For this, pCon.update provides the opportunity for you to assign your data to appropriate categories. This then allows users to view the data using adequate filters. Simply put: products in an OFML catalog can be filtered based on one or more criteria, for example language or acoustic support.

Go to pCon.update!
With the Filter function, pCon.update provides you with the possibility to visualize the added values of your OFML data. Keyword: Return on Investment

Manufacturers primarily benefit from the fact that customers can navigate to their OFML catalog more efficiently. By way of expanded descriptions, available data makes the catalog more relevant and paves the way for clear localization of such data, meaning quick implementation of sales activity. 

Thinking this service is the final touch your business needs? Feel free to contact us at pcon-update-admin@easterngraphics.com to learn more about how to increase the usability of your data with little effort!

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Manufacturer Data in Focus

When it comes to online information, ease and comfort is a service that is welcomed with open arms. By providing 3D data on your website, for example, it makes it easier to plan customized solutions and to deliver a strong argument for the sale of your products.

But why stop there? Why not make further data processing even easier for your customers? Along with the supply of product data, you can also offer the download of pCon.planner as a suitable planning tool for free on your website. All of the information you need can be found in the Media Services section of the pCon.planner website.

Provide the optimal service for optimal data use!

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With the new year comes new momentum, and our social media channels are no exception. This year, we’re providing even more social platforms to help keep you up to date with us and our products. You can find news on current trends in the Residential and Office Furniture Industry as well as tips and tricks for planning and presenting high-quality visualizations.

In addition to our previously established Blog and Facebook pages, you can now connect with EasternGrahics on Google+ as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look, follow us, and share what impresses you the most. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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