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There are some ideas that are constantly evolving. This is particularly the case when it comes to the visualization and presentation of products. New possiblities for product display are constantly arising, opening doors to even better solutions. Bearing in mind that product presentation has a direct impact on sales, this comes as no surprise.

As a result, this issue will introduce you to the new pCon.planner, and how the push of a button can generate 3D models for the web. But, that's not all. We'll give you a glimpse at the new Intel-renderer, today's brand new website and, let's not forget, the online basket, making complicated quotation preparation a thing of the past.

Have fun reading!
Your EasternGraphics Team

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Interactive Presentation – 3D Models on the Web

The transition of sales tools. It wasn't long ago that sales staff were lugging around heavy folders full of extensive price lists, catalogues, and other essential information. Today, however, all of these things can be found in weightless, digital folders or stored some place online. Information these days is readily available anytime, anywhere, no matter if you're using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These universal tools allow modern-day workers to check their email on the train, to prepare their next presentation on a plane and, now, to view room plans as 3D models on their browsers.

Experience 3D design concepts – such as the one from Bene – on your browser. Use your mouse to zoom in and turn around. If you want to view the 3D model in full screen just click here . Please note: WebGL needs to be enabled in your browser.

Small click – big effect. A new button in pCon.planner makes sharing your CAD models easy. Simply select the planning area, choose the desired cloud-service for storage, and save or send the link to share your 3D model. Now, customers or colleagues can immediately view the results of your plan on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. Whether it's a single product, a typical, or a two-man office, the new share feature allows the viewer to interact with, "play" around with, and familiarize themselves with the products.

Thanks to the new "Share CAD Model" button, you can easily create and send 3D models for your customers to view in their own browsers.

The showroom in your pocket. From a desktop application to complete mobility, pCon technology builds a bridge between the designer and customer. Suppliers, sales representatives, and planners can bring various designs to life with the help of 3D model sharing. With the CAD model sharing function from pCon.planner, you now have interactive product presentations on the go.

3D models for the browser –  captivating, forward-looking support for the sale of products requiring intesive consultancy. 

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The Power of Images – New Renderer Packs a Punch

A picture is worth a thousand words. In communication, within the sales process in particular, images play an essential role. The reason is simple: images are processed by the brain significantly faster than language. Moreover, they’re easier to remember, as they speak to the right side of the brain, which is responsible for emotions. In other words, pictorial stimuli leave much more of an impression.

During the sales process, the use of pictures is almost as varied as the products themselves. Whether they’re used in presentations, on product lists or for shipping cartons, or whether they’re quickly sketched or quite photorealistic, every impression matters - and when it comes to this area of expertise, you're much more imaginative and inventive than we could ever be. It's no surprise, then, that we're often asked for tips and tricks on how to make images more beautiful, more thought provoking, and simply more convincing.

Putting product and space solutions into perspective. Just as with product photography, rendering the lighting of a particular scene can mean the difference between failure and success. While various settings can help professional users reach a more photo-realistic image faster, being able to create high-quality illustrations "on the fly" also implies the need for a comprehensive know-how and a great deal of experience with lighting methods, etc.

In order to help both you and your sales partners create even more impressive and photo-realistic product and design images, EasternGraphics is working in collaboration with Intel on a new renderer for pCon.planner, that can be used parallel to the already implemented solution. One of the highlights of this new feature is the overall illumination of a scene - a concept previously connected to the painstaking task of light settings, that will now be standard, leaving room for more possibilities. A further benefit is interactive rendering. In other words, what you see on the screen will be rendered. Change the camera or lights, however, and the renderer will adjust accordingly, continuing the rendering process from the new perspective.

We are working together with developers from Intel on a new, easy-to-use renderer for pCon.planner. You can currently test the Beta version.

While we are currently hard at work to optimize the renderer, you can still try it out for yourself: In the new version of pCon.planner 7.2, the new renderer can be found under the "Beta functions" tab. Here, you'll find functions that will officially be released in future versions of the planner.

Please Note: As Beta in the name implies, the renderer is still in the developmental stage. Once you get the chance to put the renderer to the test, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think is missing or any other wishes you may have!

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New pCon.planner Website Now Online

We are excited to announce the launch of the new product website for pCon.planner. The website went live last Friday, just in time for the release of the new version of our room planner.

In addition to a functions overview, visitors to the site can read all additional and relevant information about pCon.planner. The website is conveniently sorted by target group, ensuring that everyone can easily and quickly see the benefits of the room planner depending on the user group they fall into. Information on training can also be found, as well as help resources, including video tutorials and a current link to the Help Center and Blog.

Thanks to the implementation of responsive design, you’ll have a great viewing experience regardless of the device you’re using. Even if you’re viewing the website on your smartphone, the site will adapt, allowing you to easily browse the pages. Take look for yourself: www.pCon-planner.com

Thanks to responsive design, the new pCon.planner website looks great on any device.
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Try Out our Web-based Quoting Tool

Responses to articles about pCon.basket Online in past newsletter issues (here and here) have been great. The underlying idea of pCon.basket Online is the ability to create online quotes and centrally manage projects, in addition to having constant, up-to-date access to manufacturers’ data. In any case, the focus is to provide and maintain communication between the office and sales team without losing valuable information. It’s a tool for everyday work, one that’s almost unnoticeably integrated into the sales process.

Due to numerous requests regarding the online basket, we’ve set up a demo and invite you to try it out for yourself. Simply apply in our demo area and see just how great pCon.basket works for you:


There are two options for registering for the online basket demo:

  1. For exclusive access, and to ensure the safety of your projects, we recommend using your email address as your username. Use the following password: demo2015
  2. For a quick start, we have already created the username DEMO. Use the password demo2015 for this username as well. With this username, you can test the functions of the online basket. Keep in mind, however, you will be sharing access and the project area with other users.

Note: The demo is available until January 15, 2016.

Test the online basket: Simply log in and get started!
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pCon.update DataClient – Update Processes Optimized

Version 1.9 of the pCon.update DataClient was released at the end of September. The new version allows for more comfortable handling of applications and data updates. We’ve listed the most important new features below:

  • With the new version, each user can define which default OFML data and applications they would like updated in the future.

  • The new DataClient is more resilient: The installation of error-free updates will now continue without interruption, even if a defective update is detected.

  • Thanks to the progress bar shown within your Windows taskbar, you now have the status of your update process at a glance.

We would also like to point out that pCon.update DataClient 1.9 now supports Windows 10.

Looking for convenient handling of data updates? – The new version of pCon.update DataClient makes it possible.
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