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Dear readers,

EasternGraphics wishes its customers and partners a happy and successful New Year. We thank you for your confidence in us and look forward to future cooperation in the coming year as well as the joint development and implementation of new innovative ideas.

2014 has been a busy and eventful year for us. The development of the online presentation service Impress and pCon.basket Online as well as the new pCon.planner website were just some of the many highlights. In autumn, we and our partners presented our pioneering solutions for mobile and networked working environments at the international trade fair for office and facility Orgatec under the slogan "Next generation. Zukunft erleben". And at the end of the year we released pCon.planner 7 with a fresh user interface and additional functions.

Exciting new projects and solutions are also planned for 2015. Indeed, one event in June promises to be the major highlight of the year for EasternGraphics: our company's 20th anniversary! We hope you enjoy reading the first edition of our newsletter for this year, which will see emphasis on the topics of 3D models and online services.

Your EasternGraphics Team

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New pCon.catalog portal now online

For anyone involved in planning and furnishing rooms to a high standard, good 3D models are essential. Efficient planning is therefore dependent on being able to find high quality 3D graphics quickly and easily. pCon.catalog is a central platform for 3D symbols from well-known manufacturers and thus makes an ideal starting point. Indeed, the online service is a treasure trove for interior designers and planners looking for CAD models with "brand quality". We have revised and upgraded pCon.catalog to ensure that the web portal is able to perform even better as a platform for 3D models in the future. 

"Search more effectively, find more quickly, plan more efficiently" – these were the key principles applied during the development of the new version of our online platform and they are reflected in the intelligent search functions and optimized user interface. These allow users to find the 3D models they want more quickly and download them faster and with fewer clicks. And as you spend less time searching, you have more time for the important things – interior designers have more space to let their creativity and ideas blossom.

The result list of the new pCon.catalog search shows an overview of the 3D models available. They can be downloaded directly from the search page. You can also view detailed information and additional images there.

Especially companies that provide 3D graphics on their own websites profit from the new pCon.catalog portal. 3D models are often hosted on several subsides and thus sometimes hard to find. The new CAD search also includes those CAD models and provides them as CAD catalogs on the pCon.catalog portal.
When an interior designer searches for a “chair”, every CAD model with this description found on the websites of the registered companies will appear. Similar to the image search of a search engine, an overview of all results is shown, detailed information is included. One can also download the 3D models in the available formats. Therefore, companies can increase the visibility of their CAD models without any special effort. In addition, the comprehensive and precise search results as well as the direct link to the download will reduce the number of support requests.

Discover the great new features of the updated pCon.catalog portal for yourself!

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Sedus Sketch: OFML configuration in SketchUp

SketchUp, the 3D modeling tool, is very popular in a wide range of sectors and used by architects, room planners and interior designers during various phases of their projects. Furniture manufacturers have recognized that these user groups need high quality 3D models for SketchUp and are now seeking out ways to provide them with their 3D data.

To meet this demand, Sedus  – one of the top manufacturers in the European office furniture sector – has been making more planning data of its products available to SketchUp users in SketchUp 3D Warehouse since May 2014. In partnership with EasternGraphics, the office furniture manufacturer has now developed another planning assistant for office planners and interior designers: the extension Sedus Sketch allows users to configure Sedus products in SketchUp using OFML data.

The SketchUp plugin Sedus Sketch allows to open pCon.configurator Online in SketchUp, configure the whole product range of the office furniture manufacturer and directly insert it into the 3D software.

With Sedus Sketch, users can open the Sedus product catalog directly in SketchUp. The users can select items they require from any area of the product portfolio, configure them according to their own requirements using the integrated pCon.configurator Online and load them directly into 3D drawings in SKP format. It gives interior designers and furnishing planners the freedom to select from all the available versions of any piece of furniture rather than being restricted to individual "demonstration models" from the manufacturer's collection. This innovation enables Sedus to supply planning data to another important user group and to exploit new possible uses for existing 3D data.

You can download the Sedus Sketch extension free of charge from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. It can be used both in Windows and Mac OS.

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pCon.update: a big step forward

For many years, pCon.update has been used successfully as a service for distributing OFML product data and has established itself in the office and contract furniture market as a standard. Manufacturers and retailers benefit from its efficient data distribution, growing circle of users and the easy access to OFML data provided by the service. The greater success places greater demands on pCon.update and the latest revisions and upgrades to the web portal have now addressed these requirements.

The website's new design and a general overhaul of the usability show the way forward for pCon.update. Users can now manage their data subscriptions much more easily and see at a glance which manufacturer data is already being obtained via the web service, from which manufacturer data has been requested and which providers will soon be making their data available via pCon.update. If support is required, users can open the contact information for the manufacturer with just one click rather than wasting time trying to find the right contact partner. The new sorting and filter options simplify the task of navigating the list of suppliers. If the user's wished-for-brand is not yet available in the portal, one can suggest its inclusion. pCon.update users can request to be informed about new additions to the portal by email.

New users of the web service benefit from the simplified registration process. The pCon.update registration assistant guides you through each step – from entering your contact information to selecting the manufacturers.

Further improvements to usability are already being planned for the website in order to simplify the work with the web service in the future. This applies equally to manufacturers who distribute their data via pCon.update: we are currently optimizing their user management options. 

The new website of the pCon.update portal features a fresh new design and simplified options for selecting manufacturers.
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New version of Impress available

The current version of the online presentation service Impress was launched at the beginning of November. Its capabilities for using various media types within a single presentation have already made the service very popular - and the combination of 3D data, panoramic views, images and further presentation materials will remain its trademark in the future.

Next to a free version of Impress, which can be used by anyone free-of-charge and uses the cloud service Dropbox to save presentation content, it is now possible to create customer specific versions of Impress. These individual versions are customized in consultation with the client and enable the service to be integrated into the company's IT environment. For example, it can use existing user logins and storages. The first solution of this kind was developed in partnership with Assmann Büromöbel and presented at Orgatec 2014, the international trade fair for office and furniture.

The current version of Impress can be used in eight different languages and allows users to integrate images, Multi Content Pictures, 360° panoramas, download tiles, 3D content and videos.

Click on the image above to see how Multi Content Pictures, Videos and 3D content are combined to one Impress presentation. Special thanks go to Sedus for providing the planning.
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Swan Products – strengthen trade with EGR-OnlinePlanner

Swan Products is a major full-range supplier for office and contract furniture in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since last year, costumers and prospective buyers can configure, plan and obtain Swan products on the company’s website with „KANTOOR PLANNER“ (EGR-OnlinePlanner).

Since this year, Swan is offering EGR-OnlinePlanner for trade partners for integrating it on their websites. The planning tool appears then in the respective corporate design of the trade partner. The plans saved online can be imported into the pCon.planner at any time and are therefore available for further processing in the world of pCon.

Regarding to this matter, the holders Robert and Ramon de Jong said: “Many of our dealers want to offer this service on their website for getting better contact to prospective buyers more easily. The first six dealers have already integrated the EGR-OnlinePlanner on their own website, more will follow soon. We are very pleased about the great interest the specialist retailers are expressing.”

You can also test the EGR-OnlinePlanner on our Website.

Customers’ plans can be created online in the “KANTOOR PLANNER” and …
… imported into the pCon.planner for further refinements.
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Perfectly timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of EasternGraphics, pCon.planner 6 cracked the two million downloads mark. In the six years since the planning tool was first released, people working in various sectors all over the world have downloaded the room planner. And the number of downloads is growing constantly: the tool has been downloaded more than one million times in the last two years alone.

The pie chart below shows the different groups that use pCon.planner:

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