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Orgatec is fast approaching and we are caught up in preparations for the largest industry event of the year. After two years, Cologne once again invites us to showcase and study new products and trends for the office as a living and working space. Not least because digital natives are now entering the workforce, it is of vital importance to offer a diverse array of home and office solutions for different generations and cultures – now more than ever before. Modern knowledge workers need to be mobile, flexible and connected. You, the readers, are creating the spaces where they work. And we will provide the technical tools you need.

Together with our partners, we will be presenting our responses to increased demands for mobility and connectivity at Orgatec. As web-based, network solutions for designing interiors and generating quotes, OnlinePlanner and pCon.basket Online are pointing the way to the future. The ability to embed 3D content in Impress, and a new tool for visualizing the effects of color and materials are both pioneering solutions for presentation. And thanks to pCon.planner 7, offline room planning is now ready for the future.

This newsletter gives you a sneak peek at Orgatec. You can experience all of the new products and services live at the exposition. We look forward to seeing you.

Visit us at Orgatec! Hall 8.1, stand C4.
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The new pCon.planner 7

Modern, lean, powerful – the new pCon.planner 7 is coming this year and will win you over with its new user interface and new features. Visitors to Orgatec will be able to experience the seventh generation of the room planner in action before its official launch.

The very first thing users will notice when they start up pCon.planner 7 is its new user interface. Designed in modern, understated shades of gray and green, the interface now focuses entirely on the workspace and the planning. Unlike its predecessor, the new generation of the planning tool has an additional toolbar along the right-hand side of the screen. As a complement to the restructured top menu, the new toolbar allows users to access OFML and object-specific functions with just one click. The goal pursued by pCon.planner developers was that users should be able to access the lion’s share of the planning processes without having to switch between tabs. The software now features short navigation paths and context-sensitive dialogs, offering users a completely new, agile planning experience.

The new pCon.planner also comes with new product presentation options, with an expanded layout tool and new render styles giving users a more convenient, diverse array of options for preparing presentations. Thanks to the ability to export 3dweb files, presenting 3-dimensional objects on the Internet is no longer a problem – just export them and present them in Impress. Rotate, zoom and take a really close look – 3D presentations on the web are the perfect way to supplement marketing and sales activities. To help users generate high-quality renderings more quickly, pCon.planner 7 provides an export option for planning files that has been optimized for TheaRender.

Introducing the new look and feel of the new pCon.planner 7 – the pared-down menu provides more workspace and, when combined with new functions and interactive features, offers a convenient, completely new planning experience.

The new pCon.planner 7 can also accommodate individual needs and custom products. It offers a feature for generating individual product images: just select the product or group, set the view, and save. This makes it possible to generate product images in seconds for manually saved objects, set objects, or special objects—these can then be used in article lists, quotes and other applications.

While pCon.planner 7 is expected to be released in late November 2014, visitors to Orgatec can see the new room planner ahead of time (hall 8.1, stand C48). We look forward to seeing you.

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New media types in Impress

Impress is a free web service that will be able to support new types of media from november on. The current version of the service already allows users to take media such as images and panorama views in a variety of layouts and to arrange these into a presentation. Users can also add descriptions and share the presentation with other individuals by forwarding a link.

The new version expands presentation options and will allow users to display PDF files, make downloads available, embed YouTube videos and display interactive 3D content.

During the last months a manufacturer-specific solution for Impress with an own user interface for Assmann has been developed by EasternGraphics and ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL GMBH + CO. KG. At Orgatec you will have the opportunity to check out the new version of the web service for yourself at the stand of Assmann (hall 08.1 stand A030/B031) and EasternGraphics– before the official release date. 

The new version of Impress supports 3dweb files, PDFs and YouTube videos. The ability to make downloads available is also new.
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Construction of customized products in 3D

Manufacturers often receive customer requests for customized products, such as a desk built to certain dimensions, in a special shape or with a cable conduit. Requests like these have to be planned in advance and visualized for the customer.

This is exactly the process that users can carry out with the new pCon.planner construction module. With this you can first create the basic structure of the object in 2D, including custom dimensions and properties, and then convert that into a 3D object. Various operations are available for modeling and combining complex three-dimensional objects, such as rounded table edges, baseboards or a cut-out in the living room cabinet for a television. All of these can easily be modeled in 3D, offering manufacturers and specialist retailers an efficient way of visualizing customized products and individual objects – a feature that can be effortlessly integrated into existing processes.

The construction module serves as a precise, efficient tool for modeling 3D objects—perfect for customized products and unique furnishings.

The construction module can be purchased over the course of next year. But you can already discover it exclusively at Orgatec at our stand.

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New website for pCon.planner

A new pCon.planner website will come online in time for Orgatec. The content of the old site has been completely reworked and redesigned, allowing visitors to find the information they want quickly, decide which product they want more readily, and contact our sales partners directly and with no detours.

In keeping with our goal of a uniform Internet presence, the design of the site was updated to match the EasternGraphics website. Concise texts along with high-quality images let visitors see for themselves how pCon.planner works and the range of services it offers. Site content has been restructured and upgraded to meet customers’ needs and to help them find their way around the site quickly.

Separate product pages show visitors the range of features and benefits of pCon.planner and the PRO version, while vivid images and sample presentations invite them to try it out for themselves. In order to meet special customer demands, the site also presents our partners’ products and provides information on specific services for individual user groups such as students, educational institutions and development partners. The service page provides answers to frequently asked questions, along with contact data and access to the Help Center.

The new pCon.planner website is presented with a new design and new content.
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pCon.basket Online: Generating quotes on the Internet

It was only a few years ago that mobile solutions were still a trendy presentation medium that was maybe nice to have – but they have long since evolved into an absolute must. Thanks to Impress and pCon.configurator Online, EasternGraphics supports the sales efforts of manufacturers and specialist retailers with powerful online services that allow users to present and configure products with their mobile devices. The new pCon.basket Online expands EasternGraphics’ web portfolio with an innovative tool for generating quotes online. pCon.basket Online allows manufacturers to update data quickly and reasonable, while giving partners throughout the world constant access to up-to-date OFML data. And everyone involved in the buying process benefits from the increased process security provided by transferring order data electronically.

pCon.basket Online is a mobile front-end solution for sales personnel and retailers, offering services that cover every task related to sales: generating high-quality quotes, forwarding these to the office work and transmitting orders to the company’s own ERP system. Users can call up this platform-independent tool on tablets, laptops or desktops without having to install any special software or data. All they need to do to be able to work with the centrally maintained – and thus always up-to-date – dataset is to register with the manufacturer. If users link the “OnlineBasket” to a Google account, they can also manage contacts using the “Google Contacts” online address book and obtain an overview of all of the quotes generated on the Web.

Always available and always up to date—pCon.basket Online lets users create and manage quotes with an iPad.

EasternGraphics and office furnishing manufacturer Haworth collaborated on the development of the innovative online tool. Come to Orgatec for an exclusive look at what pCon.basket Online can do. Visit the stand of Haworth (Hall 9.1, stand B50) and EasternGraphics (Hall 8.1, stand C48).

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Color and material consulting guarantees harmonic rooms

Colors and materials have a special impact on the atmosphere of a room. Helping customers select the perfect combination of these two aspects requires an informative visual aid.

The new tool for color and material consulting gives users a sense of what their future room will look and feel like, even before the planning phase is over. This allows them to modify the colors and materials used in room elements and on the surfaces of interior design objects – simply by clicking a button.

The tool offers an impressive, appealing way of presenting planning results, so that manufacturers and specialist retailers can give their customers the best possible advice. And because it is a web-based tool, users can share room scenarios with their customers simply by sending them a link. Plans for the tool include making its resolution adaptable to a variety of devices – particularly mobile end devices.
The tool for color and material consulting will be presented for the first time at Orgatec (Palmberg stand: Hall 7.1, booth A38/B41).

Palmberg uses the new tool for color and material consultation to present the many ways of combining its furnishings.
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