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pCon.update is the leading platform for intelligent 3D data in OFML format. As well as providing graphic images of items, OFML data also contain commercial information regarding each specific object. By combining geometric and commercial data in a single format, OFML makes it simple to plan efficiently and securely and also produce correct offers.

Work faster, better, with access to items from all the relevant manufacturers and continuously updated price lists!


The OFML data from more than 300 manufacturers in the office, residential furniture, medical and workshop equipment are available through pCon.update!

With a subscription pCon.update current OFML data of the participating manufacturers quickly, efficiently and at low costs (€ 28, - per month) when you installed on your system. Update product data within your organization is simplified clearly. You can install on any workstation within your organization software with a single subscription.

You can fully automated request the libraries of your supplier (s). After approval of the supplier you will be able to download the OFMLdata.

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  1. You need to download the subscriptionform below and completely fill in. After signing the form please fax it to +31 (0) 40 7200 659 or by email to info(AT)Easterngraphics.nl
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  3. Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation and pro-forma invoice within 5 working days. After receiving payment, you will be enabled for pCon.update.
  4. Now follow the steps outlined in the manual. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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