Workshops for pCon.planner

EasternGraphics offers pCon.planner workshops in which you are able within a short time and under the expert guidance placing the basics, whereafter you directly can start making your drawings and presenting them. In addition, we also provide seminars at your location. 

If you are interested in any kind of training, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to offer a customized training that we have designed for your individual needs.

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Training pCon.planner

Practical training

We focus on training for hands-on experience to develop ready-to-use skills. After training, you are able to independently create and present your interior design ideas.

Course content:

  • Gaining basic skills
  • Developing theoretical knowledge
  • Planning with the software
  • Visualisation and presentation

Location: EasternGraphics / Meerenakkerweg 1A, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Costs: € 400,- per person / per day (should be paid in advance)


  • pCon.planner manual (value: € 49,50)
  • Support card (value: €50,-)
  • Lunch / consumptions
  • Certificate of participation
  • Use of our systems

Duration: 9 AM untill 4 PM

Maximum 5 persons per workshop
Workshop starts by a minimum of 2 persons.


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Basic workshop (Day 1)

During this workshop the following items are discussed among other things:

  • General Features
  • Views
  • Space Elements
  • Open drawing / scaling
  • Textures Libraries: OFML / pCon.catalog / 3D Warehouse
  • Materialeditor
  • Drawing 2D and 3D objects
  • Dimensional printing
  • ...

Presentation Workshop (Day 2)

During this workshop the following items are discussed among other items:

  • Light sources
  • Camera's
  • Layers
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Panorama views
  • Animations
  • Layout tool
  • Impress / Publishing presentation
  • Export oppertunities ...
  • Printing